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Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:43 pm

Verbatim: Letter from Dr. Todd C. Rumsey

The Journal Gazette

Dr. Todd C. Rumsey sent this letter Monday:

July 17, 2017

Michael Poore via email

Dear Mr. Poore,

I neither thought that I would have to nor want to write this letter. As a founding Board member and a past Chairman of the Board for over 13 years at Dupont Hospital, it is my duty to resign from the Board.

The Dupont Board has always had robust, inclusive discussions to maintain and improve patient quality and the environment for our team members and physicians. .

I have enjoyed 17 years of helping the Board reach important decisions with minimal conflict.

The Board was able to put personal feelings and outside influences aside to always do what was best for Dupont Hospital. We supported the Board's final decisions as if unanimously approved. I can no longer leave the boardroom feeling that way. I can no longer honestly represent the decisions being made. If another physician member can represent the Board's decisions without hesitation or apprehension, he or she should take my place.

I have grown during my time on the Dupont Board, and for that I am grateful to all those who have been seated at that table with me since before the hospital opened on April 9, 2001. I have become more humble and modest. I have learned to listen more than I speak. I have learned to attempt to understand others before I expect them to understand me. I am not referring to only the other Board members, but also team members, team leaders and more importantly, the patients. In summary, I have learned to both lead and to follow.

Dupont Hospital has asked me to participate in orientation for many years. In these short sessions with each and every new Dupont team member, I promised them three things: the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those they touch; that Dupont would give them permission to do so; and that the resources would be provided to make that difference. Our team members have a right to insist on our keeping those promises which result in the Dupont Difference. Regretfully, I can no longer guarantee that these promises will be kept and whether they are or not is no longer within my control. Perhaps a new physician member can find a way to honor these promises – I sincerely hope so.

In parting, I am proud of the promises that we have kept to our community, our fellow team members and to ourselves. I am proud of the house that we have all built. I am proud of the many awards that we have all received. But, I am most proud of the fact that each day the people of our community choose to come through our doors asking for help. They can choose to go anywhere yet they choose to ask you, my friends, my family, for help. Please remember that this is the reason we all get up and come to work. It is because someone is at our door asking for help and we are committed to answering that door.

Todd C. Rumsey, MD