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Monday, July 24, 2017 9:29 am

Verbatim: Rural, volunteer fire departments receive DNR grants

The following was released on Monday, July 24, 2017 by Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry:

Rural and volunteer fire departments from 39 counties across Indiana have been awarded more than $250,000 in Volunteer Fire Assistance grants. 

The grants, announced by DNR Director Cameron Clark, are administered by the DNR Division of Forestry and made available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. 

DNR Forestry staff reviewed grant applications and selected recipients on the basis of population density, acres of public wildlands protected, and wildland fire reporting to DNR Fire Control Headquarters. 

Grants may be used for training, installation of dry hydrants, or to purchase necessary firefighting equipment and gear to combat wildland fires. 

The awarded grants ranged from $721 to $5,000 and were given to 53 departments. 

Fire departments interested in applying for VFA grants should contact Crystal M. Hunt, program coordinator, Fire Control Headquarters, 6220 Forest Road, Martinsville, IN, 46151, or call (765) 342-4701. 

Fire departments receiving grants in 2017, the amount of the grant, and the project category are:

*Department*      *County*      *Amount*    *Category*


Woodburn FD, Allen, $5,000, Radios; 

Charlestown VFD, Clark, $5,000, Wildland; 

English VFD, Crawford, $4,900, Radios; 

Celestine VFD, Dubois, $4,845, Safety; 

Dubois VFD, Dubois, $4,830, Safety; 

Haysville VFD, Dubois, $1,410, Safety; 

Madison Twp. VFD, Ireland, Dubois, $2,085, Foam; 

Georgetown Twp. FPD, Floyd, $4,990, Safety; 

Columbia Twp. VFD, Gibson, $5,000, Safety; 

Jasonville VFD, Greene, $4,200, Radios; 

Boone Twp. FD, Harrison, $5,000, Water Handling; 

Stilesville VFR, Hendricks, $3,569, Safety;  

Mt. Etna VFD, Huntington, $4,535, Safety; 

Owen Twp. VFD, Jackson, $5,000, Water Handling;  

Campbell Twp. VFD, Jennings, $1,332, Foam; 

Vincennes Twp. FD, Knox, $3,950, Safety; 

Lowell VFD, Lake, $5,000, Safety; 

Kingsbury VFD, LaPorte, $2,580, Water Handling; 

LaCrosse VFD, LaPorte, $5,000, Safety; 

Marion Twp. RFD, Lawrence, $5,000, Safety;

Decatur Twp. FD, Marion, $5,000, Wildland; 

Lost River Twp. VFD, Martin, $4,700, Safety;

Northern Monroe FT, Monroe, $2,039, Water Handling; 

Perry Clear Creek FPD, Monroe, $3,868, Wildland; 

Ashland/Adams Twp. VFD, Morgan, $721, Water Handling; 

Albion VFD, Noble, $4,500, Dry Hydrants; 

Laotto VFD, Noble, $5,000, Wildland; 

Cataract VFD, Owen, $1,900, Safety; 

Adams Twp. FD, Parke, $4,662, Safety; 

JUGA (Bellmore) VFD 1, Parke, $5,000, Water Handling; 

Montezuma Reserve Twp. VFD, Parke, $4,125, Safety; 

Cannelton VFD, Perry, $4,933, Safety; 

Rome VFD, Perry, $2,024, Water Handling; 

Jefferson Twp. VFD, Pike, $5,000, Radios; 

Petersburg VFD, Pike, $4,856, Safety;

Kouts VFD, Porter, $4,528, Safety; 

Morgan Twp. VFD, Porter, $5,000, Water Handling; 

Monterey Tippecanoe VFD, Pulaski, $5,000, Safety; 

Saratoga Ward FT, Randolph, $4,758, Water Handling; 

White River Twp FD, Randolph, $3,580, Safety; 

Batesville FD, Ripley, $5,000, Safety; 

Scottsburg VFD, Scott, $4,575, Safety; 

Chrisney VFD, Spencer, $5,000, Safety; 

Liberty Twp. VFD, St. Joseph, $5,000, Safety; 

Southwest Central FT, St. Joseph, $4,999, Radios; 

Salem Center VFD, Steuben, $900, Wildland; 

Jefferson Craig FR, Switzerland, $5,000, Wildland; 

Kempton FR, Tipton, $1,663, Foam; 

Sharpsville VFD, Tipton, $5,000, Safety; 

Perry Twp. VFD, Vanderburgh, $1,024, Wildland; 

Dana Community VFD, Vermillion, $5,000, Water Handling; 

New Goshen FR, Vigo, $1,466, Wildland; 

Elberfeld VFD, Warrick, $4,310, Wildland.