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Monday, August 14, 2017 12:43 pm

Verbatim: IPFW IHGS Statement on the Violence in Charlottesville VA

The following was released on Sun., Aug. 13 by the IPFW Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies: 


IPFW Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies issued the following statement on their website (

The IPFW Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies condemns any efforts on the part of white nationalists, supremacists, separatists and other hate groups to incite violence under the pretense of free expression, of presenting a diversity of viewpoints, or of protesting an alleged tyranny of multiculturalism and political correctness. Universities can and should provide forums for the free exchange of legitimate and sometimes unpopular ideas, without the ideas themselves inciting threats of retribution or intimidation to the academic or civic community. That kind of diversity is different from holding universities hostage to present any idea, all in the name of diversity of thought, no matter what the consequence. No university should facilitate or perpetuate verbal or physical harassment targeting minority groups already historically disadvantaged by long-term persecution, violence, and structural inequality. We call upon political, spiritual, cultural, and educational leaders across the country to denounce, unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms, not just the violence, but the hateful ideologies behind that violence, perpetrated most recently by racist mobs in Charlottesville VA. History shows us that such violence does not involve “all sides.” It involves one side, intent on using democratic freedoms to dismantle core values that reside at the heart of any diverse and plural society. Now, more than ever, the United States needs leadership at all levels willing to confront and challenge these poisonous ideologies. A true democracy leaves no wiggle room for any ideology upholding ethnic and racial prejudice as an inalienable right. And a true democratic leader will immediately and without hesitation denounce that ideology every time it embodies violence as a legitimate means to impose its warped aims unilaterally upon an entire free society.

Steven Alan Carr
for the IPFW Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies