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  • FILE: Master Sergeant Darin Hubble holds and talks about the egress hanging harness simulator, a virtual environment visor in the training room during a behind the scenes look at the 122nd Fighter Wing.

Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:32 am

Verbatim: Govt. shutdown hits 122nd Fighter Wing

Fort Wayne's 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard issued the following news release today:

Fort Wayne Air National Guard Base, IN – This morning at the 122nd Fighter Wing, due to the lack of appropriations, a portion of drill status guardsmen performing non-exempt duties were released at noon for the remainder of the regularly scheduled drill weekend.

All federal technicians will report for duty on Monday and after four hours, non-exempt technicians will be placed on furlough. Exempt federal technicians and active duty Airmen at the base will continue to operate, ensuring that the 122nd Fighter Wing is prepared to support and defend Hoosiers and U.S. citizens.

Col. Renwick is working hard to guide the Wing through this turbulent time. He stated, “My biggest concern is for the safety and security of our Airmen and their families. This shutdown will have a significant impact on each and every one of them. Exempted personnel will continue our constant vigilance to ensure that essential operations endure through this period. Our duty is to guarantee readiness for national security requirements and we are and will continue to be equipped and able to support those. We will work closely with local organizations to assist those Airmen and their families in need.”