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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 11:41 am

Verbatim: Smith responds to Crawford's statement

The Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Tim Smith issued this response to a statement by opponent John Crawford:

Fort Wayne, IN -- Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith released the following statement: "I am fully committed to running a clean, issues-based campaign. Councilman Crawford doesn't welcome the full, public exposure of his tax and regulatory rate hikes. My campaign is committed to offering voters a clear, informed choice, and the choice could not be clearer. Had I been in Councilman Crawford’s seat the past few years I would've voted against the tax and utility rate hikes because I believe the city's budget is managed inefficiently. There is plenty of taxpayer money collected to address our needs and to position Fort Wayne as the Midwest’s safest, smartest and strongest city. The budget simply needs managed more efficiently by applying basic business principles, which is what I’ve done for 25 years for one of Fort Wayne’s most successful companies, and what I’ll do as mayor for the people of Fort Wayne.”

"Further, in spite of Councilman Crawford’s now publicly stated reluctance to support my candidacy in November (should I win the primary), I remain fully committed to supporting his. I will say again that if I lose the primary election I will write John his first check towards his campaign in November."

In addition to the three recent tax increases for which Councilman Crawford not only voted but openly and passionately advocated (COIT in 2013, Wheel Tax in 2016, and LIT in 2017), Councilman Crawford also voted for numerous utility rate hikes (Sewer = 73% total from votes in 2007 and 2014; Water = 40% in 2012; Storm water = 61% in 2017; Garbage = 35% total from votes in 2007 and 2017; Parking = doubled fees in both 2013 and 2018; biosolids and more).