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Saturday, December 31, 2016 10:01 pm

Leaders share '17 goals

Lisa Green | The Journal Gazette

This time last year I shared some reflections – I usually don’t use the word "resolution" – about the potential to stretch and refine leadership with a new calendar year and clean slate ahead. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to ask several Fort Wayne-area leaders to share – in about 50 words – what they planned to do more of, less of or not at all in 2017.

Their answers are varied and refreshing, from setting the bar high to ensuring volunteers know the value they bring an organization. 

Just say ‘no’

"I am going to learn to say ‘no.’ I want to be involved with fewer endeavors and do a better job with those that I am committed to."

– Don Steininger, founder of Steininger Development, member of the Fort Wayne Community Foundation board, and member of the Riverfront Advisory Committee.

Hearing the unspoken

"This coming year, I want to ask more questions and listen carefully to hear what is said and what is unsaid. Sometimes, people share success stories or tell what they think a leader wants to hear. We need to listen for the rest of the story and engage others to address what is not working well."

– Suzie Light, executive director, Kosciusko County Community Foundation, based in Warsaw

Aiming high

" ‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reached it.’ That quote attributed to Michelangelo, has wise meaning and will be in the forefront of my mind and spirit in 2017."

– George-an Johnson-Coffey, president of Blue Vision Music, a children’s music and media company, she co-owns her husband, James Coffey, and is the manager of the Audio Reading Service at the Allen County Public Library.


"In the upcoming New Year, I will challenge my dearly beloved colleagues, friends and self to look deep inside and bring the best from within even in the most difficult situations, to respect others while achieving visionary goals and excellence for the benefit of our communities, region and country. We are linked by many characteristics including our humanity and kindled spirits. We are one today and tomorrow. So let’s make transformational contributions now."

– Palermo G. Galindo, president, Greater Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Talk, laugh, appreciate

"Talk less; listen more. (This is hard as I enjoy talking.)

"Laugh more, no matter what.

"Honor all views, especially those that challenge mine.

"As a community volunteer, understand the precious role of volunteers. When volunteers give, it’s from the head, heart, hands and wallet – and it’s generally multiplied by a factor of 10. Remember and recognize that."

– Barbara Wachtman, retired, community volunteer

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