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Thursday, February 02, 2017 11:48 am

Super Bowl will offer leadership lessons

Lisa Green | The Journal Gazette

If you're planning to watch the big game on Sunday, you may want to take notes.

Super Bowl viewers may keep a scorecard that includes the touchdowns on the field to what commercials are winners, based on creativity and effectiveness.

Kevin Eikenberry, who writes a leadership blog and produces "The Remarkable Leadership Podcast," pointed out this week through one of his leadership emails there will be several lessons to watch for. They include:

* The importance of passion and energy. If athletes possess those, shouldn't we expect it of ourselves or those around us? "Our work is arguably more important and valuable to society than that of these players," Eikenberry wrote. "What lessons about energy, attitude and enthusiasm can you take from the game?"

* The role of coaching. "This year, the difference in style alone between the coaches is worth observing," he said. That's a reminder there is more than one way to be a successful leader and coach. (Momentum, and recognizing the "changing tide of emotion and energy" is also important.)

* The necessity of preparation. "Winners prepare to win," Eikenberry wrote. But most people "don’t spend nearly enough time or focus on preparing to succeed."

* The value of agility and flexibility. Even when you have a game plan, you may have to adjust.

Eikenberry, who is based in Indianapolis, suggests the most adaptable team will likely win. For leaders in other areas, he suggests it's a great opportunity to evaluate the personal ability to shift when situations change.