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Thursday, March 01, 2018 4:40 pm

People prefer state government to feds, IU poll shows

BRIAN FRANCISCO | The Journal Gazette

Americans have much more confidence in their state governments than they do the federal government, according to a survey conducted for the Indiana University Center on Responsive Government.

Among the findings: 76.2 percent of survey respondents said they were more likely to seek assistance in solving a problem from the state government rather than the federal government, 71.3 percent said state lawmakers are more ethical than members of Congress, 63.3 percent said their state economy is affected more by state policies than federal policies, and 61.4 percent said state governments should exercise more power in policymaking than the federal government.

Also, 52 percent said state governments were either very or moderately responsive to people's concerns, compared with 22.5 percent who said the federal government was.

Yet 69.6 percent said they paid more attention to news about the federal government than news about state government.

The nationwide survey of 1,000 people was conducted in November and December by internet polling firm YouGov Polimetrix. IU released the results Wednesday.

Asked whether members of Congress should stand up for their principles no matter what or compromise with opponents to get something done, 60.3 percent of survey respondents favored compromise.

“The public really does expect and want Congress to find a way to get things done through the art of compromise, which is of course under assault every day in our modern Congress,” IU political scientist Edward Carmines said in a news release. Carmines oversees the yearly survey.