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Saturday, May 27, 2017 10:50 pm

Water levels in West Lakes area continue to rise

The following is from the Noble County Emergency Management Agency

Emergency planners and responders held a meeting Saturday evening at the Orange Twp Fire Department to evaluate the situation at the West Lakes area and discuss a basic response plan. The meeting was facilitated by the Indiana Homeland Security District 3 Incident Management Team. In attendance were jurisdictional police/fire, along with Noble County Commissioners, the Noble County Surveyor, the West Lakes Sewer District, The West Lakes Homeowners Assn, REMC, and Noble County EMA. The immediate focus of the discussion was on how the basic emergency services (i.e.-police/fire/EMS) can be delivered. 

The short-term outlook is that, even without additional rain, the West Lakes area will continue to rise for several days. Currently almost all roads in the immediate lake area are water covered and dangerous to travel. 

Orange Twp Fire Chief Stan loos urges everyone still staying in the West Lakes Area to leave. His concern is the ability of police/fire/EMS to be able to provide service in this area. The only access to many of the areas is by boat. If a home were to catch fire it would be very difficult to get equipment and manpower to the scene. Sick or injured persons would have to be transported back to an ambulance by boat. 

Another concern now is a biological hazard. At 7:30 p.m. the West Lakes Sewer System was forced to shut off the north side of Waldron Lake and all of Jones lake due to a sink-hole developing in the area. 

The Sylvan Lake Conservation District maintains the Level-3 Watch status on Sylvan as it is still slowly rising. This watch means that they are carefully monitoring the integrity of the dam to ensure it is safe. A no-motor order remains in effect for the lake. 

Noble County Emergency Management Agency will continue to provide news releases as things develop. 

Michael (Mick) Newton, AEM/PEM

Director Noble County Emergency Management Agency

Cell: 260-347-7378