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  • Photos by Rachel Von | The Journal Gazette John Federspiel holds smoked pork chops at Albright's Meats & Deli on Wednesday. Federspiel, owner of Feders Meats, acquired the two local Albright's Meats & Deli stores for $1 million last week. He says the Albright's name will be changed after customers get familiar with his family.

  • From left, Joe Federspiel, Evelyn Bates and John Federspiel conduct a quick meeting Wednesday afternoon at Albright’s.

Thursday, March 08, 2018 1:00 am

Huntertown's Feders Meats buys Albright's

24 employees will remain following $1 million deal

SHERRY SLATER | The Journal Gazette

It's not always good news when a small, family-owned business is sold.

But in the case of Albright's Meats & Deli, last week's $1 million sale put the company in the hands of another local family, which plans to keep things mostly unchanged.

John Federspiel, owner of Feders Meats in Huntertown, has acquired the two local Albright's stores – 4924 S. Calhoun St. and 2820 Maplecrest Road – from Lee and Karen Albright.

The Albrights couldn't be reached for comment, but Federspiel said they decided to sell the stores so they can focus on their all-natural, raw dog food business. 

“It's quite an expansion,” Federspiel said of his business. “So far, so good. It's a lot to learn.”

Albright's two dozen employees will retain their jobs. Federspiel's four sons are now working in the stores, too, learning the retail side of the meat business.

Feders Meats, a custom butcher shop, serves farmers, hunters and their friends. It is not licensed to butcher meat for retail sale and won't be supplying the Albright's stores.

A successful catering business that was run out of Feders Meats in Huntertown will move into the Maplecrest Road store, which has a better kitchen, Federspiel said.

The Albright's locations will eventually change names, after customers get to know the Federspiel family.

Paul Jamison, co-owner and president of Jamison Specialty Meats, wished the Federspiel family well. Some of the sons have worked at Jamison, where John Federspiel worked about 20 years ago.

Jamison, who operates three full-service meat markets in Fort Wayne, said that any customers who decide to support local business by trying Albright's is more likely to also sample Jamison's products, too, rather than return to a national chain to buy meat.

After that, it's often a question of convenience. Customers, he said, are most likely to frequent the meat market they live closest to.

“Each of us has our own market share,” Jamison said, adding that there's enough local business for everyone to succeed.

Among the specialties now available to customers in the Albright's retail stores are more deli salads, venison summer sausage and an “absolutely amazing” barbecue bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

And what's this week's special?

“Ground beef,” Federspiel said. “It's always on sale.”