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The Journal Gazette

Saturday, October 15, 2016 10:00 pm

China tops US in AI research


Humanity may still be years if not decades away from producing sentient artificial intelligence. But with the rise of machine-learning services in our smartphones and other devices, one type of narrow, specialized AI has become all the rage. And the research on this branch of AI is only accelerating.

In fact, as more industries and policymakers awaken to the benefits of machine learning, two countries appear to be pulling away in the research race. The results will likely have significant implications for the future of AI.

The Obama administration has a new strategic plan aimed at spurring U.S. development of artificial intelligence. What’s striking is that while the United States was an early leader on deep learning research, China has effectively eclipsed it in terms of the number of papers published annually on the subject.

GE prepares to close Connecticut campus

General Electric is ramping up its presence at its new corporate headquarters in Boston and has unveiled a new digital hub in Rhode Island as it prepares to leave its Connecticut home of the last 42 years.

The company now has about 200 workers in Massachusetts, more than 80 percent of whom are transplants from Connecticut. They include CEO and Chairman Jeff Immelt, who has worked from a temporary office in Boston since late August.

GE executives have characterized their move from the eastern Connecticut suburbs to a more compact headquarters on South Boston’s bustling waterfront as part of a broader mission to tap into the places where high-tech workers want to live and revamp the 124-year-old industrial technology giant for a new digital era. They also were drawn by about $120 million in Massachusetts state incentives and additional benefits from the city of Boston.

Apple to open 2nd China research hub

Apple Inc. plans to open its second research and development center in China, a move that could help bolster the tech giant’s presence in a lucrative market.

The Cupertino, California, company said last week it will open a facility next year in the manufacturing hub of Shenzhen. In a statement, Apple said the center would allow the company’s engineering team to "work even more closely and collaboratively" with its manufacturing partners.

Beijing was revealed to be the site of the first research and development center in China.