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  • Associated Press Paramount Ranch, where a number of westerns have been filmed, was decimated by a wildfire Friday in Augura Hills, Calif.

Sunday, November 11, 2018 1:00 am

Famous can't escape wrath of wildfires

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Rich or not, famous or not, there was little reprieve Saturday from the California wildfires sweeping through towns as different as the star-filled oceanside enclave of Malibu and the modest communities nearby and in the state's north.

Lady Gaga, Martin Sheen and Kim Kardashian West were among the celebrities who joined thousands of others in evacuating from the affluent coastal city that is as well-known as its residents. Stars went online to share their worries, with some able to follow up with good news Saturday.

“My house is still standing. I'm on my way to bring firefighters water and food,” Alyssa Milano tweeted. She previously said her heart was with others facing “this awful disaster.”

Others were left to wait.

“I'm sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will burst into flames,” Lady Gaga tweeted. “All we can do is pray together & for each other. God Bless You.”

There were shout-outs as well to the firefighters struggling to contain the fires in what were described as especially difficult conditions.

“These guys are heroes,” filmmaker Guillermo del Toro posted on Twitter.

Sheen, interviewed by a TV station on the beach Friday night after fleeing his home, said the fire was the worst he has ever seen. He said he expects his house was destroyed.

The interview occurred after his son, actor Charlie Sheen, tweeted that he'd been unable to contact his father, and the Los Angeles Fox affiliate KTTV tracked him down. Martin Sheen gave a shoutout to his family to let them know he and his wife, Janet, were safe.

“Beverly Hills, 90210” star Shannen Doherty, who'd been out of town when the fire broke out, said her “heart is ripped apart” by the loss of a Malibu home where she and husband Kurt Iswarienko were married in 2011, posting on Instagram a wedding-day photo of the smiling couple on a tree-lined path. Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight on “The Office,” indicated online that he and his family were away when flames “roared down the creek bed behind our house and missed it by a dozen yards!”

“Thousands of others have lost homes and pets and precious belongings. Especially the residents of Paradise who have lost lives,” he tweeted.

In addition to homes destroyed, Paramount Ranch's “Western Town,” a landmark film location dating back to 1927 that included a jail, hotel and saloon, burned to the ground. The TV series “Westworld” is among the many productions that have filmed at the ranch in the mountains west of Los Angeles.