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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Lopez De Villeda – Yesenia and Concepcion Villeda

Bolster – Lindsay Taylor and Raymond George III

Sellers – Corey and Michelle

Mcinturf – Robert and Sara

Spangler – Victoria S. and Julian A. Sanders-Watkins

Flinn – Joshua Matthew and Nicky Lee

Wyche – Paul and Shon-Tae

Stevens – Ricky Lynn and Teresa Kay

Foreman – Seth G. and Samantha S.

McLennand – Meaghan Elizabeth and Paulo Alejandro Delgadillo-Helmes

Rasmussen – Alyssa Reshea and Jose Ramon Lopez II

Lugar – Bobbie Jo and Paul E.

Reed – Michael John and Caroline Margaret

King – Tamara M. and Andrew A. Amstein

Retcher – Greda and James C. Ransbottom

Allen Superior Court

Williams – Vernon and Angie Sterling

Walker – Brittany Joy and Christopher Charles Sr.

Robertson – Danielle and Isaiah

Bandor – Peggy and Cliff

Arrington – Shenise and Derrick

Schenkel – Benjamin D. and Pamela M.

Parrish – Dakota Ridge and Alexus

Nealis – Joshua James and Sarah Anne

Muldoon – Amanda E. and Stephen R.

Archbold – Wendy Rediker and Spenser Lee

Brimhall – Justin R. and Jamie L. Bastress

Gable – David and Melissa

Causey – Floyd and Amber

Pope – Kynan and Joanna

Burgess – Michael and Cathy

Piprottar – Devsibhai A. and Madhumati D.

Trent – Danny W. and Darlene K. Burnworth

Dorsey – Joseph M. and Deborah A.

Tope – Alicia M. and Jordan M. Martin

Wenger – David M. and Elizabeth

Sutton – Hollie M. and Robert B.

Roberts – Catherine Marie and Gary Wayne


Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email