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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Ni – Amena and Har San

Stirratt – Shelbie L. and Daniel J.

Turner – Lamont and Joyce A.

Bidlack – Ashley Renea and Nathaniel Charles

Hilyard – Kathy Lynn and David E.

Saylor – Rebecca Lynn and William Joseph

Roldan – Dylan Graham and Justin Tyler

Lucas – Carol S. and Larry G. Anders

Fett – Jodi T. and Dennis J.

Allen Superior Court

Stoppenhagen – Amy and Jeff

Barnfield – James H. and Kimberly K. Johnson

Franceus – Lucy and Kurt

Johnson – Michelle L. and Kirkland G.

Morgan – Tamira and Abednego Azangweo

Racine – Lyndsay and Anthony

Wadkins – Michael and Carol

Bone – Consuelo Q. and Aaron A.

Mcanally – Mary Elizabeth and William Anthony

De La Paz Olea – Blakelee E. and Cristhian A.

Bennett – Mandie and Cody

Young – Caitlynn and Matthew

Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email