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  • Michelle Davies | The Journal Gazette Parking lots at Fort Wayne International Airport are no less full since ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft began operating there, according to data from the airport authority.

Sunday, August 06, 2017 1:00 am

Uber, Lyft not hurting airport income

Parking revenue higher since ride services arrived

DAVE GONG | The Journal Gazette

Airports across the country are reporting decreased parking revenue with the popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, but Fort Wayne International Airport hasn't been hurt.

The local airport has made money on parking fees over the past three years.

“Across the country, different airports have seen different things,” said Joe Marana, director of operations and facilities at Fort Wayne International Airport. “We have not seen a big impact, at least not a noticeable one.”

Because airports have had agreements with ride-sharing services for only a year or two, officials have not had enough time to determine how the smartphone-based services will affect their bottom line, an Associated Press report said.

The Fort Wayne airport has had an agreement with Uber since the service arrived in town in 2015, Marana said. The airport has had an agreement with Lyft since that service began operating in Fort Wayne in February.

However, the popularity of ride-sharing hasn't had a negative impact on the money the airport makes through parking fees.

According to data provided by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority, the airport made $3,154,213 in parking fees in 2014 – the year before Uber began operating in Fort Wayne. In 2015, airport parking revenue increased to $3,583,154. That figure increased again in 2016 to $3,913,995.

The airport also charges Uber and Lyft a flat ground transportation fee, Marana said.

Similar to other airports, parking revenue at Fort Wayne's airport is used to make improvements to the airport's parking infrastructure and for other general uses, Marana said.

In 2016, the AP report said, parking fees represented 41 percent of the $8.5 billion in U.S. airport revenue not related to airlines.