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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 1:00 am

Panel gives final OK of site for Parkview medical offices


Expanded medical office development related to Parkview Health will likely occupy part of the land in Allen County's newest economic development area.

The 756-acre Dupont-Diebold Economic Development Area and a smaller accompanying tax-allocation district got final approval Tuesday from the Allen County Redevelopment Commission.

The approval came after no one spoke for or against the plan at a public hearing during the commission's afternoon meeting. The plan previously was approved by the Allen County Plan Commission and the Allen County commissioners.

Parkview officials confirmed Tuesday that they anticipate developing 15 parcels in the economic development area just north of the existing Parkview Regional Medical Center.

The number of buildings range from four to five to as many as nine or 10, said Jessica Miller, Parkview spokeswoman. The buildings would provide offices for family practice physicians and specialists and outpatient services for patients, she said.

Some general offices also might be included, she said.

“I don't think we are 100-percent sure of the number (of buildings),” Miller said, adding the development has no set timetable but likely will come “over several years” based on projected growth of the hospital.

Parkview is adding 100 physicians annually, and “we need some place to put them,” she said.   

The economic development area, roughly bisected by Diebold Road, stretches from Dupont Road on the south, Interstate 69 on the west, along and north of Union Chapel Road on the north and just east of Diebold on the east.

It includes Parkview-related facilities, but not the hospital, as well as the Mirro Center for Research and Innovation and Manchester University Fort Wayne Campus and Pharmacy Program.

Also included are the proposed Parkside hotel/commercial development and Dupont Corners, a 40-acre retail project being developed by Steininger Development, Fort Wayne, at the southeast corner of Dupont and Diebold roads.

As part of a 233.5-acre tax allocation area inside the economic development area, Parkview's medical offices will generate tax money to be spent on building infrastructure in the economic development area. 

Although Parkview Regional Medical Center is nonprofit and does not pay taxes, medical offices are taxable, Miller said. Part of Parkview's new Cancer Center also will generate taxes to pay for infrastructure in the economic development area, she added.

Elissa McGauley, director of redevelopment, said another parcel north of the proposed Parkside hotel/commercial center east of the hospital also is being marketed and likely to developed. She said she did not have specifics on that development. 

The next improvements, she said, will likely be sidewalks and lighting along Diebold going north from Dupont Road.

The tax allocation area contains mostly undeveloped land around Parkview Medical Center. Altogether, about 384 acres in the larger economic development area are undeveloped, McGauley said. 

The commission's vote to approve the economic development area was unanimous.