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Thursday, December 13, 2018 1:00 am

City touts fixes made to streets, alleyways

Lima Valley an example of neighborhood investments

DAVE GONG | The Journal Gazette

At a glance

2018 street improvements by the numbers:

• Asphalt resurfacing – 41 miles

• Concrete reconstruction – 4.3 miles

• Chip and seal street improvements – 11.6 miles

• Concrete sidewalk construction and repair – 13.5 miles

• Concrete curb repair and install – 16.4 miles

• Trails – 5.1 miles

• Alley resurfacing – 3.3 miles

As a blustery December wind breezed through a north-side neighborhood, Mayor Tom Henry was joined Wednesday by area residents and city Public Works employees to celebrate the year's road improvement accomplishments. 

“We've dedicated ourselves to improving infrastructure in the city of Fort Wayne over the last several years,” Henry said during a news conference in the Lima Valley neighborhood. “We've spent over $130 million over the past five years to keep that promise.” 

From March to June, Lima Valley received street repairs on 11 streets, including sidewalk and curb improvements. There are 176 homes in the neighborhood.

“The streets were in really, really bad shape prior to resurfacing. They started in early March and were completed by late June,” said Steve Romine, president of the Lima Valley Neighborhood Association. “It really worked out well, I think everyone's happy with them. They took care of all the trip spots in the sidewalks so we can walk around now without worrying about tripping and falling.”

Major construction projects were completed in neighorboods including North Franke Park, Pine Valley and the Windrift Association. Henry said this year city crews worked on nearly 500 projects in more than 200 neighborhoods. The total investment for 2018 totaled about $31 million. 

Projects also included improvements along Ardmore Avenue, Brooklyn Avenue, Calhoun Street, Creighton Avenue, Jefferson Boulevard and North Anthony Boulevard. Sidewalks were repaired or added along St. Joe Center Road, Bluffton Road, Winchester Road and Old Decatur Road. More than three miles of alley reconstruction was also performed. 

City Councilman Tom Didier, R-3rd, who represents the Lima Valley area, said the scope of work put into neighborhood streets in recent years is monumental.

“We're just really making a constant dedication to the community, the neighborhoods, the infrastructure,” Didier said. “I drove through Lima Valley over the last 15 years as a city councilman and I can tell you this is a very, very nice street now. These are the types of projects we're going to continue to keep doing over the next four, six, eight years. It's vitally important for the community that we correct the infrastructure that's outdated and needs upgraded.” 

Improvements will continue through 2019, including Maplecrest Road from State Boulevard to Trier Road and neighborhood projects in Woodhurst, Aboite Meadows and Hillsboro. Reed Road and Hessen Cassell will see new sidewalk improvements and new trails will be installed along Hanna Street and Beckett's Run.

A full list of 2019 projects will be released next spring.