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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 11:50 am

E-school, state take funding fight to state Supreme Court



COLUMBUS, Ohio – Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court are weighing arguments in a hot-button case over how Ohio calculated funding for the state's largest online charter school after grilling both sides' attorneys for nearly an hour.

An attorney for the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow argued Tuesday that the Ohio Department of Education overstepped its authority when it decided to use learning time, rather than enrollment, for its calculation.

As ECOT supporters demonstrated outside, Marion Little told justices the state misled and lied to the school.

The revised formula showed ECOT inflated its attendance and owed the state a $60 million refund.

State attorney Douglas Cole said the school's interpretation of state law results in an "absurd" outcome where it can collect full payment for students without documenting a single minute's learning.