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Wednesday, December 06, 2017 1:00 am

Guns, pot found at crash site

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

When police arrived at a crash in the 2700 block of  Sandpoint Road about 7 p.m. Saturday, they found Wade Stolte, 20, standing outside his car, smelling like alcohol.

The officers could see Stolte, of the 7500 block of Saddlewood Drive, had red, bloodshot and watery eyes, his speech was slurred and he was swaying back and forth, according to documents filed Tuesday in Allen Superior Court.

At the scene, a portable breath test read 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Later, a chemical test registered Stolte's blood alcohol level at 0.128 percent.

A passenger, Tyler Mentzer, was later found to have a severed spinal column, court records said.

Stolte, a convicted felon, had a .38-caliber semi-automatic handgun in his right front pocket that was reported stolen, records said, and there was another gun in the car, a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun, tucked in the front passenger door. Stolte told police he didn't have a gun license.

A search at the crash scene unearthed a black duffel bag in the debris that had been thrown from Stolte's car. In it were about 30 grams of marijuana and a glass pipe with burnt residue. There were grinders, scales and packaging material consistent with the sale of illegal drugs, court documents said.

Stolte cooperated with police during questioning and offered at least one voluntary statement: “I already told you I'd been drinking.” 

Stolte is at the Allen County Jail charged with being a felon carrying a handgun, two counts of causing serious bodily injury while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and theft of a firearm. He also has two misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

He was being held in lieu of $17,500 bail.