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  • Courtesy: SnapChat

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 4:30 pm

Luers students threaten teachers, bishop on Snapchat

Baseball players at Bishop Luers High School made threats via Snapchat, a social media tool, to shoot teachers and the bishop, according to police records.

Stephanie Patka, spokeswoman for the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, told The Journal Gazette the diocese does not comment on these types of internal matters. 

"In this case, this is an internal disciplinary issue," Patka said.

No one has been arrested in connection with the threats, Fort Wayne police said Tuesday.

The threats were reported Feb. 6 to Fort Wayne police officers by a father who said the group talking about the threats were baseball players. Police responded to a home in the 1700 block of Lindenwood Drive around 3 p.m. to view the threats on Snapchat.

The string took place the night before in which someone was upset that his sweatshirt was taken and another student stated that he would shoot up the school.

"When asked who they would target they stated (the bishop and teachers) with extra points for the Bishop's hat," the police report states. 

Actual names of the Snapchat participants were redacted from the police report.

Two people in the string mentioned shooting up the school.

"Throughout the conversation, it appeared as if the statements were just boys being boys, however they went on to make crude comments about a previous student that was killed by domestic violence that the school has a program in place to honor. These statements were that he should have raped her, too, and they were surprised she wasn't cut up and lastly that she must have done something to deserve it," the police report read.

Police called the school principal to tell him about the threats and that police would arrive to show the Snapchat string to the school's administration, the report said.

The principal assured police that proactive measures would take place.

Ashley Sloboda contributed to this report.