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  • Cathie Rowand | The Journal Gazette Momma duck and her 13 ducklings are escorted from Cedarville Elementary School, Fort Wayne , Indiana, courtyard to outside where there is a pond Monday, April 30, 2018.

Monday, April 30, 2018 2:20 pm

Cedarville Elementary helps a family of ducks

ASHLEY SLOBODA | The Journal Gazette

The goodbyes at Cedarville Elementary School on Monday were brief.

Students gathered outside along a pond, calling out and waving their farewells to a family that had taken up temporary residency in the school's courtyard – a mother duck and 13 recently hatched ducklings.

The feathered family reached the pond with the help of school personnel, who guided the animals through a student-lined path through the school to the water outside.

"They're so cute," one student said.

"They're walking so fast," said another.

The parade-like sendoff has become tradition at the East Allen County school, which has become home to ducklings every spring for at least a decade, Principal Brad Bakle said.

Although getting them to leave the courtyard took some maneuvering, the ducks didn't hesitate once they left.

"The kids will probably guide them the rest of the way," Bakle said.

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