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  • File Al Moll speaks on the Wells Street Bridge during a 2016 Riverfront announcement.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 1:00 am

Furthermore ...

Parked in retirement with a sense of satisfaction

Imagine slipping out of the theater well into a first-rate movie – that describes Al Moll's decision to retire from his post as director of the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department. With a new riverfront park under construction and set to open late this year, the long-time public servant seems to be leaving before the story is finished.

But 13 years as parks director and additional stints as deputy mayor and city controller constitute an impressive record of community service.

Moll can retire March 30 with the assurance he's set riverfront development on a strong course and is leaving the city's parks and recreation programs in fine shape.

His tenure at the parks department has seen appreciable improvements in many parks, including the development of Buckner Park, Salomon Park, McMillen Park Community Center and Taylor's Dream, the award-winning boundless playground at Kreager Park.

There were rough spots along the way, including the outcry that killed a deal with Indiana Tech to relocate some of its athletic facilities at Memorial Park.

But the community's strong feelings for parks is another sign of Moll's success – the pride and sense of ownership stem from the recognition they are truly city assets.