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  • Associated Press Doug Jones, left, and Michael Stuhlbarg celebrate the Best Picture win at Sunday's Oscars.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 1:00 am

Furthermore ...

Hoosier making splash in Hollywood

When the cast of “The Shape of Water” gathered onstage Sunday to celebrate its Best Picture win at the Oscars, you might not have realized a Hoosier was in the group.

And even if you saw the movie, you might not have recognized Doug Jones, who portrayed the romantic lead, Amphibian Man, in full creature costume.

The major role was only the latest for the Indianapolis native, who told NPR he went to Hollywood in 1985 seeking to play “goofy character actor” roles but found a niche playing onscreen monsters. His roles include Pan in “Pan's Labyrinth,” Abe Sapien in “Hellboy” and the Silver Surfer in “The Fantastic Four.”

Jones was a telecommunications major at Ball State, where he performed as mascot Charlie Cardinal. After graduation he worked briefly as a mime at King's Island then sold advertising for the North ManchesterNews-Journal. Jones told The Journal Gazette in a 2007 interview that he unsuccessfully sought an advertising job at Fort Wayne Newspapers.

Movie fans can thank us for sending him west to seek his fortune.