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The Journal Gazette

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 1:00 am

New library books

The following books are new in the Children's Department of the main Allen County Public Library downtown.


“Taking Chances:A Grace Story by Kelsey Abrams

Grace tries to be thoughtful and responsible when helping with her elderly neighbor's prize-winning cat, Chances, but it isn't easy.


“Suee and the Shadow” by Ginger Ly

When her shadow suddenly comes to life and starts causing trouble, it's up to 12-year-old Suee to find out why before it's too late.


“The Haunted House Next Door”by Andres Miedoso

“My name's Andres Miedoso. I'm Desmond's best friend. We do everything together...including catch ghosts. Seems cool, right? There's only one problem: I'm afraid of everything.”


“Funny Kid for President” by Matt Stanton

Max may not be the smartest or fastest kid, or the handsomest, but he just might be the funniest kid you'll ever meet – and it's this talent that could turn him from underdog to top dog. 


“Different Days”by Vicki Berger Erwin

A richly detailed and researched middle-grade historical fiction novel about a little-known facet of World War II: the internment of German-Americans.


“The Crims” by Kate Davies

The Crim family is full of notorious criminals. Notoriously inept, that is. But Imogen is different. She was born with a skill for scandal. A knack for the nefarious. A mastery of misdemeanors.