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Thursday, September 06, 2018 1:00 am

Indiana voices

Gun at school: a too-frequent headline

It's happening with alarming regularity, and authorities must be holding key contributors to the problem accountable.

On Tuesday, police said they confiscated a gun that a 10-year-old student brought into MacArthur Elementary School in Cedar Lake.

In July, a Griffith High School student entered into a plea deal with prosecutors after carrying a handgun into the high school in February.

Throughout our country, we're hearing more and more cases of children being caught with guns at school – or worse, using those guns to maim or injure others.

As authorities investigate and pursue charges against the students in these cases – which they must with vigor – they also should be investigating how the guns ended up in the possession of students to begin with.

In the February case in Griffith, the student, Trace T. Robertson, was 18, and therefore an adult, when police say he broke the law by bringing a gun onto school property.

However, in the recent case in Cedar Lake, police and prosecutors should be looking for other responsible parties as well.

Who owns the gun, and how did the 10-year-old obtain it? Cedar Lake police say they're working to answer those questions.

– The Times of Northwest Indiana, Munster