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  • Brown

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 10:00 pm

Taxpayers deserve an advocate in D.C.

Liz Brown

April 24 marks Tax Freedom Day, the 114th day into the year that hardworking taxpayers must work in order to afford the nation’s tax bill. You deserve better.

Imagine a government that works for us. Your financial freedom matters. You work hard for your income, and I will work hard to protect it.

Washington, D.C., needs reinventing, and I’m ready to get started on Day One to start making government live within its means. My experience gives me perspective, and my faith and family keep me grounded. If you send me to Washington, I won’t rely on lobbyists and special interests to get me up to speed or to tell me how to vote. In fact, I’m not the choice of the establishment. That means I’m not beholden to them, either. When I’m your congresswoman, I will say "no" to the lobbyists, loopholes and largess that only feed the establishment and grow government.

While representing the people of northeast Indiana, I have always made it a No. 1 priority to be responsive to the concerns of all my constituents. That means always asking first, will this benefit the people here in Indiana and not the interests of big government? I know I am elected to be your public servant, not the other way around.

When I was elected to the Fort Wayne City Council, I was urged to be quiet and spend time observing the other members. The problem with that idea is that an elected official is hired to do a job – not sit back and be silent. I jumped right in on City Council, asking questions and offering solutions. During my time on City Council, I sponsored or proposed $12 million in spending cuts.

In the state Senate, I’m proud of my accomplishments to advance conservative principles. I’ve gotten legislation passed that sends control back to local communities and that brings transparency to government. I’ve championed pro-life legislation that protects unborn children and their mothers.

In Washington, I won’t wait to get started solving our nation’s problems, either. I’m not going to Washington to make a career of it. In fact, I’ve taken a four-term, or eight-year, term-limit pledge. That pledge will keep me focused on results, not my next fundraiser. I’m not going out there to get cozy with lobbyists and special interests or approve more handouts or bailouts, I’m going out there to defend the future you and your family deserve.

We need leaders ready to get started on Day One. I’m ready. I’m asking for your vote on May 3.