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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, September 14, 2017 1:00 am


Booze, not dancers, is issue

I must disagree with your assessment of 2nd District Councilman Russ Jehl's crackdown on strip clubs as well considered. It was actually a thinly veiled attempt to shut them down.

Citing the number of police calls after midnight in a 16-month period, as per today's column, that averages two a month per club. (There are some jurisdictions in the nation that places like Chuck E. Cheese have some of the highest number of police calls.) Yes, I realize some clubs had more than others.

Jehl's answer is a solution in search of a problem, and that solution is incredibly illogical. The fact that Jehl believes that mostly naked women dancing on stage and not the consumption of alcohol after midnight is causing the post- midnight police calls is ludicrous. Why not cut the alcohol off at midnight and allow the dancing to continue? Men and, yes, some women do not go to these places as primarily a place to drink. They go there to watch the dancers.

Anyone who has attended one of these clubs even once knows that the beverages cost two to three times as much as any regular bar. So, sans dancers, why would anyone patronize a bar that charges up to three times normal for its beverages? C'mon, councilman, own up to your true motives.

Mark Richardson

Fort Wayne

Harvey helpers reminder of what we aspire to

America has seen very polarizing and somewhat scary scenes since Inauguration Day: protesters rioted and destroyed property in and around D.C., 3 million people marched in solidarity for women's rights during the Women's March on Jan. 21, and countless other events. Since then, we have seen demonstration after demonstration of “resistance” against President Donald Trump, his Cabinet members and those who align with him politically, as well demonstrations by those who support Trump and his policies. We all recently saw the violent and deadly clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, between Klansmen, neo-Nazis and antifa members, as well as other general protesters, that prove that extremists are going to more radical and dangerous ways to express their views, even resorting to violence. These type of demonstrations, while polarizing and very disturbing to many, are not imminent threats to the core of America or to the fabric that built and continues to support this country.

We have seen the real face of America in Texas as Hurricane Harvey displaced tens of thousands, destroyed homes, claimed many lives and ushered in the rescuing of thousands of displaced people. Americans from every corner of the country have gathered funds, food, clothing, medical supplies and have even made the trek to Texas to volunteer their time and efforts to help complete strangers. In times of disaster we disregard race, ideology, income level, age or any other label used to divide us as a whole. It should not take a disaster like Hurricane Harvey for us to open our eyes and see each other as Americans and, at the same time, human beings.

America was founded and continues to thrive on the ideals and principles of freedom, acceptance and love for their fellow man. If we disregard the chants of destruction, division and hatred, America can come one step closer to being a “more perfect Union.”


Fort Wayne

Leash dogs in public

I would like to remind dog owners that, if you are out in public, please have your dog on a leash.

While walking my dog in Lindenwood Cemetery on Labor Day, we were attacked by an unleashed pit pull. Although my dog wasn't hurt, the pit bull bit my hand several times, resulting in a trip to the emergency room.

I may never heal emotionally, and it will take months for me to pay off my medical bills, but I am thankful that my dog wasn't injured or killed.

Please take extra precautions when you have your dog in a public place, regardless of the breed. This isn't just for the safety of others, but for the safety of your dog as well.

For the record, I do not blame the dog. I still love pit bulls and truly believe their breed is misjudged. I blame the irresponsible owner!


Fort Wayne