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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 1:00 am


Bravura IPFW concert on pair of Steinways

The Steinway Piano Celebration at IPFW's Rhinehart Recital Hall on Sept. 16 was an outstanding musical event. John O'Connor, dean of Visual & Performing Arts, and Greg Jones, chair of the Music Department, welcomed donors and guests alike.

The new nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano and the old one, completely rebuilt, were showcased by students and Music Department faculty. Hamilton Tescarollo arranged an engaging program that was exuberant and technically demanding, with selections from Dvorak, Gillock, Copland, Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian.

The music and pure tonal quality of the pianos embraced the audience with rich, vibrant sounds – every note and chord bright, deep and pure. The program was fun to listen to and also to watch, especially the “Galop-Marche” by Lavignac, where eight people performed simultaneously at the keyboards. The Piazzolla, Arensky, Milhaud and Saint-Saens duets also required a high level of skill. At the end of the performance, the full house shouted “bravo,” and so it was.



Misguided focus harming city, county residents

What good is economic development if we as a city keep accepting year after year death tolls of 25 or more?

Why is Fort Wayne and Allen County leadership so laser-focused on economic development when we are losing the war on drugs, gangs and opioid addiction? Why is City Council so focused on economic development when the neighborhoods are being overrun with drug houses and gangsters? When will the focus of our leadership, from the mayor to City Council, return to the safety of all citizens instead of focusing on economic development of downtown? The propaganda of quality of place and quality of life have been said over and over so the unwashed masses will start to believe that is the true agenda, but it's only downtown. Greater Fort Wayne's sales pitch for investment of taxpayer dollars in downtown is more propaganda and only meant to advance GFW's agenda.

When will the focus of our Allen County Commissioners and Allen County Council be on the taxpayers and county neighborhoods that need their help in combating the drugs and gangs instead of building a downtown for the elites and big-money buddies? GFW doesn't care or want to know about the plight of the neighborhoods or for that matter anything that isn't about enrichment of their transformational downtown buddies.

John Modezjewski

Fort Wayne

City clerk employee's ouster seems suspicious

There was an article on Aug. 4 regarding ex-city clerk employee Loretta Johnson, who was forced to quit her job when the present city clerk took office. What a travesty! Are we living in the dark ages? Are we being punished for not being of the same political persuasion? The Loretta that I know worked faithfully for 42 years. There was never a whisper of disruptive behavior and, to quote The Journal Gazette, Loretta “was free of any known disciplinary action.”

Loretta was a qualified, selfless servant to our community. The city clerk's office was in close proximity to the misdemeanor and traffic office, where I was employed as the judge's assistant in Superior Court. Traveling in the same corridors, we became fast friends. Loretta spoke to me often of her church, her family, and the love and pride she felt for her daughter. She was in essence the epitome of “Love Thy Neighbor,” and she lived her life accordingly.

Did she change? Did she wear two hats? Never. I have been blessed with good fortune to call Loretta my friend.

Jean Popoff

Fort Wayne