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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1:00 am


Arts festival a smash on busy cultural weekend

Sept. 9 and 10 were busy days in Fort Wayne – concerts, festivals, neighborhood tours, gallery and museum events. If you couldn't find something to do, then you weren't paying attention. And by all accounts, the crowds were good, an encouraging testament to the supportive engagement this community has in its local talent, venues and multicultural events.

Although there is a school of thought that too many things going on at the same time is a distraction that may prove detrimental, having so many choices this time seemed to inspire many to make a day of it. (Of course, the fantastic weather didn't hurt.)

I wanted to thank all those who came to the Fort Wayne Arts Festival at Jefferson Pointe to take in all of the incredible original artwork and music. The artists were thrilled to have so much interest and appreciation (from just-lookers to first-time buyers to collectors); the musicians were excited about having an opportunity to perform their own compositions; and I am grateful to have such an enthusiastic welcome back. After a decade absent from the festival scene, it's rewarding and reassuring to have such a successful return engagement.

I also wanted to express my gratitude to Jefferson Pointe for providing such a beautiful and inviting venue; to Angela Baker for making the concert come to life; to my friends who served as willing and quite able volunteers (I could not have pulled this off without them); and, of course, to the artists and musicians themselves because, after all, it's all about the arts!

Thanks again, and watch for us next year.

Teri Marquart

Director, Fort Wayne Arts Festival at Jefferson Pointe

Grateful for honesty

I would like to thank Libby for finding my husband's wallet at the $3 carwash on Sept. 22 and contacting them to call her so she can return it. There are a lot of good people out there.

Rebecca Stebing

Antwerp, Ohio

At UN, Trump shows his unfitness for office

Donald Trump addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations for the first time. (I have never been able to refer to him as the president of the United States. Real estate developer, yes. Degrader of women, without a doubt. Reality TV show host and buffoon, he's it).

He promised to “totally destroy North Korea” if it attacked the United States or its allies. Now that sounds like pretty tough talk. Of course, if North Korea attacked the United States or any of our allies, we would have to engage in countermeasures that could include the use of military action. But for Trump to stand up on the world stage and promise to destroy a country whose leader is unstable and who already is in possession of an ever-evolving and increasingly dangerous nuclear arsenal is just plain stupid, foolish and irresponsible.

It sounds like Trump is trying to pick a fight. To destroy a whole country? Does he have any idea what it would take to do that? Does he have any idea how many nuclear weapons that would take? When you do the addition here, you have to remember to add our nuclear weapons and the nuclear weapons that North Korea would be sending to at least the United States, South Korea and Japan. Does Trump have any idea how many people would be killed, maimed and injured? No, he doesn't.

He is not qualified in any way to be the president of the United States. He is an apprentice living in the White House who is barely learning as he goes. He is not my president. He is an embarrassment to the whole world and to our country. He is a womanizer and he is dangerous and he could easily get us all killed.

In this unstable and uncertain world we live in, Trump is the worst person to be in the position he is in. We should all be afraid for ourselves and our children. We need to contact our representatives and senators with the sole agenda of getting Donald Trump removed from office as soon as possible and replaced by someone who could be president. Let's all work together to save our country.


Fort Wayne