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Thursday, September 28, 2017 1:00 am


Smaltz a champion for Indiana's unborn

I am setting the record straight in response to a letter asserting that Rep. Ben Smaltz is not pro-life and does not represent pro-life Hoosiers (“Legislator's indifference to unborn no joke,” Sept. 18).

Smaltz has a 100 percent pro-life voting record (as scored by Indiana Right to Life) and was elected three times by more than a 70 percent margin; it is obviously untrue that he “falsely represents pro-life Hoosiers.”

While Smaltz has served in the Statehouse, the abortion rate has dropped more than 17 percent in Indiana. Smaltz has voted for every pro-life bill that has come to the floor. As chairman of the Public Policy Committee and as a member of the committee prior to being chair, Smaltz has fought for expansive pro-life legislation including increasing parental rights for minors seeking abortions, requiring abortion doctors to tell women taking the abortion pill that the procedure can be reversed and her baby saved, protecting unborn boys and girls from being aborted because they have disabilities, promoting the Dignity for the Unborn Act, enhancing the Safe Haven Baby law to save abandoned babies; the list goes on.

Additionally, I can point to four abortion businesses that have closed as a result of enforcing the laws that Smaltz has worked so hard to pass.

All of what Smaltz has done has contributed to a dramatic decline in abortions in Indiana. He does not deserve unfounded criticism. Instead, Smaltz deserves our thanks for standing for the unborn.

Cathie Humbarger

Fort Wayne

The words the world needed to hear

I never thought to find myself in the position of giving props to Donald Trump, but there is nothing else to do after listening to the speech he delivered to members of the United Nations. He said 100 percent of everything that needed to be said to that august body. How much Chief of Staff John Kelly had to do with Trump finally showing that he can behave in a presidential manner, we may never know; but I'm sure kudos go out to him as well. Long story short, I am extremely proud of the stand our president took. Surely the despots of world are ducking for cover as we speak.

Arnetta Marie Barnett

Fort Wayne

Substitute shuns Heritage post-incident

I am a substitute teacher for various school corporations.

Today, I subbed for the first time at Heritage Junior-Senior High School. I was dismayed and truly horrified by a program the students were subjected to in the gymnasium – “Music” so loud from the gymnasium that it hurt my eardrums as I ate lunch in the cafeteria.

I refused to sit through and supervise these students as I did not want to hurt my ears; I left the building when my classroom duties were complete even though the office secretary told me it was my job to supervise the kids under those conditions.

I felt sorry for the students who were subjected to this type of entertainment during school hours. I guess hearing loss never occurred to the administration at Heritage, and these students had no choice but to sit through this abuse. I said something to one of the secretaries in the office about possible hearing loss from this and she said they “didn't care.”

I will never set foot at Heritage Junior-Senior High School again and am so glad I have no kids or grandkids attending.

Carol Reynolds