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Saturday, September 30, 2017 1:00 am


Money-saving suggestion

I read in The Journal Gazette recently that IPFW had hired a consulting firm to come up with a new name for the university.

I can't remember the exact amount of money the consulting firm was to receive for this service, but it seems like it was $80,000.

I would like to submit my choice of names. Purdue is the Big Dog, and Indiana University is the pup. Why not name it “Pi”?

That's short and simple and easy for the math majors to remember.

I'll settle for $50,000 and save the university a pile of money.



Newspaper well buried day's outrage

In the Sept. 23 Journal Gazette, there was an article about IPFW Chancellor Vicky Carwein moving into student housing in preparation for her retirement, with the headline “Carwein using IPFW housing to close tenure.” This is a non-story and is certainly not worthy of a prominent article on Page 1 of the Metro section with an eye-catching headline. There was a statement that “Carwein was not available for comment.” Why should she comment? The housing was available, and she will pay rent for her use of the housing. Apparently such use is not unprecedented.

Then I searched for the real news of the day and finally found it – a tiny paragraph buried in the Saturday “Weekly Scorecard” column under “Losers”: “Tom Price: Health and human services secretary used private jets on five flights last week, charging taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars more than commercial fights would have cost....”

That's not even the full story. Here's the full story: Since May, Price has taken at least 24 trips on private jets at a cost to taxpayers of $300,000. (I say “at least 24” because the investigation is ongoing, so there could be more than 24 trips – in just four months.)

This story is front page news. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is about the appalling misuse of taxpayer funds, which should outrage Americans. This practice needs to stop, and Price should be held fully accountable.

Bonnie Caudill

Fort Wayne

A welcome rebuttal

I want to compliment Nancy Bryan for standing up to Doug Schumick (“After marrying well, what has Clinton done?,” Sept. 17). The man wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. In his latest tirade, he also forgot to thank Clinton. She pushed the Senate to give money to New York after 9/11. How do I know? I lived there when it happened.

Schumick seems to continue to blame Clinton for anything that happens. The last time I checked, Republicans control the House, Senate and the White House.

He needs to grow up and face the fact that what doesn't happen lies at the door of Republicans. Clinton did get the popular vote.

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to Midwest Eye Consultants for choosing the southeast side for their business and for expanding into a lovely new building, something that happens pretty rarely in that part of town.

Cat Voors

Fort Wayne