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Monday, October 30, 2017 1:00 am


Lifesaving words work

I would like to take a minute to tell you at The Journal Gazette how deeply into my heart your kindness has flowed. You will never know how much your kindness meant as my letter was published on the anniversary of my Linda's journey to be with the Lord.

As if my being able to read her letter that Thursday morning was not enough, a police officer contacted me two days later and revealed that he has been constantly after his wife to schedule a colonoscopy. Her family has a long history of colon cancer and she was older than 50. He showed her the letter in The Journal Gazette, and she scheduled an appointment the following Monday.

You see, we all work together for our community, but we never know we have succeeded until someone shares their story. The newspapers have helped me share my Linda's message and show the importance of this simple yet life-saving procedure.

We have gotten well more than 1,000 responses from individuals who are getting or have scheduled colonoscopies since hearing Linda's story or seeing the billboards. I have signed another contract to run billboards through Feb. 4, 2018.

Jerry Vandeveer

Fort Wayne 

Students smartly made North Side mascot pick

Golden Pen Award winner Ron Flickinger's letter (Sept. 24) stopped short of the rest of the story.

I, too, am a Redskin (class of 1954) and will always be. However, it should be noted that making the decision to change the mascot was taking the higher road, I think.

Conflict over this issue would have been distracting to the quality and reputation of our wonderful school standing majestically by the stream. The ultimate choice of the new mascot was assigned to the student body, and their choice of “legend” was extremely classy and thoughtful.

It has always been our yearbook's title, and just go inside the commons and look at the distinguished alumni wall.

You will see many pictures of graduates who have gone on to become local and national legends. The phoenix rising is a symbol of what is possible for all our graduates. What a positive image to aspire to.

Thank you, all. I'm proud to be part of you!


Fort Wayne

Obama team complicit

The Oct. 16 article about Congress passing legislation to make it more difficult for the Drug Enforcement Administration to deal with opioid problems has the scent of fake news (after all, it is sourced from the Washington Post). It details how Congress and President Barack Obama ratcheted up the legal standard for pursuing remedies against drug companies and distributors via fines and other legal actions. It is interesting that this story also appeared on CBS' “60 Minutes.”

I don't for a moment doubt that Congress didn't fully appreciate what it was passing in 2016, but I will not give a pass to the Obama administration on this. The reason? As the CBS report made clear, the DEA was already being constrained and frustrated by the Department of Justice in the prior two or three years. Solid cases were being “slow walked” and shunted aside by lawyers at DOJ and even within the DEA. A point of the CBS report was to shame Republican lawmakers on this law that Obama signed. But the DEA enforcement official run out of the agency made it clear the problems were well established before the law was passed.

The real story here is not the actions of Congress, but the corrupted DOJ of the Obama administration which led the charge on tying the hands of the DEA. Congress was just the cherry on the sundae.

Bill Heller