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Monday, November 06, 2017 1:00 am


Scamming scammers

Check out this real-life drama:

Them: “Do you currently owe $5,000 or more in credit card debt?”

Me: “Boy, did you get a wrong number!”

Them: “Huh, what...?”

Me: “You've reached the Chicago field office of Interpol, and as soon as this call is traced, we're gonna bust you once and for all. Now don't hang up.”

Them: “<\CLICK!>”

Score! That was well worth the five minutes on hold.

It's not copyrighted. Feel free.


Fort Wayne

A puzzling pattern

I am a commercial driver, and I travel all over the U.S. Everywhere I see road crews cutting in squares on all our highways. I cannot find anywhere an explanation of the purpose or reasoning behind these squares. Are they installing electronics for robo car tracking? Or some other Big Brother plot? I am sure these ominous concrete squares are not stress relief sites, since they are too regular and are delegated to the left and right travel lanes.

Rick Weldy

Fort Wayne

Vets cancel NFL package

The board of directors of American Legion Post 160 in Roanoke has canceled its deal with NFL Sunday Ticket and Direct TV.

We understand that NFL players have a right to go on TV and sit, stand, kneel, whatever they think is OK.

We do not think their cowardly acts supersede the acts of our members who offered their lives to protect our flag and anthem.



American Legion Post 160

Abortion support reflects poverty of compassion

A letter by Emily Hollenberg published Oct. 16 reveals the sad, radical position of abortion supporters. She writes that having a limited number of abortion facilities “can lead to unwanted pregnancies, child poverty, homelessness and an increased need of medical care, welfare and other subsidized programs.” She even writes, “Celebrating fewer abortions is not inherently a good thing.”

It seems Hollenberg believes a child is best off dead if the mother is in a difficult situation. But the right to life can't be measured in economic terms. If we did, why should we cut off legalized killing at birth? Couldn't parents end their children's lives at age 2 or age?6 if they can no longer provide food and housing? This is where Hollenberg's rationale leads us. And I would argue it's not a place we should go as a society.

Rather, we should show love and support for our littlest neighbors – the unborn – and their mothers. I'm proud to support the work of Fort Wayne's pregnancy resource centers. While I know taxes fund a variety of programs that assist parents, I believe it's important to go above and beyond to support these organizations offering real help to parents.

Hollenberg wrote a lot about poverty in her letter, but the real poverty is the lack of compassion for the vulnerable unborn children she thinks should be targeted for abortion.

Katelyn Hickle

Fort Wayne

Tailgating troubles

We should not have to deal with these type of people: When you go somewhere, you should be able to drive without feeling like you will be run over. I am tired of this. Tailgated driving down the road, tailgated at a stoplight. Those of you who are guilty of this should leave early enough to get where you are going. Also, take into consideration that your brakes could fail and you could end up rear-ending the person you are tailgating, then you will be in serious trouble.

Danita Jones

Fort Wayne