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Tuesday, November 07, 2017 1:00 am


It's simple math

Here's the math for President Donald Trump's tax cut: If I give you 10 apples, and give nine other people no apples, each person will have an average of one apple.

Bill Burkhart

Fort Wayne

Thoughts on tax reform: misshapen wheels

The people of a certain country were tasked by fate to the perpetual job of pushing a heavy wagon up a never-ending hill. For generations everyone pushed and the burden was easy. Then some people began to complain that the weakest among them should not have to push but rather should be entitled to ride on the wagon, and who could disagree?

As time went on, those who spoke for the weak riders complained more and more so more riders, some not so weak, were added and ever fewer people were left to push.

So as the wagon rolled on and took on more riders and became heavier and heavier, its wheels picked up tacks that made the wheels rougher so they rolled less easily and smoothly.

In time, because of the many tacks, the wheels became odd shaped, so the wagon bumped and bounced forward more slowly. A new leader arose with the suggestion that they remove the tacks to smooth the wheels and make the burden easier for those who were still pushing.

But those who spoke for the free-riders complained loudly and bitterly that the greatest benefit of fixing the wheels would go almost entirely to the strongest among them, and who could disagree?

So the weak bounced along as the heavy wagon creaked and cracked along. The strongest continued the nearly futile push as the wagon ground forward, moving ever more slowly. And no one was better off, except perhaps those who complained on behalf of the free riders.

Gary Harbaugh

Fort Wayne


CHEERS to the nice people who paid for our breakfast at Bob Evans on Oct. 23. Their kindness was such a pleasant surprise.


Fort Wayne


CHEERS to the gentleman “Greg” who bought our breakfast at Cindy's Diner on Oct. 21. When we went to pay our bill, they said it had already been paid – what an unexpected surprise.


New Haven


Moll, parks department did right by veterans

I have never been one to shy away from an issue when it is justified. Such was the case when I learned of the proposed denigration and destruction of the World War I Memorial Park.

As a disabled veteran, I was shocked that anyone, particularly supposed community leaders, would even consider doing such a thing to hallowed ground as if it were their own personal property. Not to mention it was to install a sports complex.

Calling to arms many American Legion and VFW posts, we veterans showed up en masse to object at the public meeting held by Al Moll and the parks board. The building was full to capacity with some not permitted inside due to code. Many stood outside in the cold, wind and rain.

For two hours, Moll took a lot of grief, particularly from me. What's right is right. So I want to publicly thank Al for listening to all the concerns and acting on them. Thank you for replacing the trees, those symbols for each fallen patriot who did not come home alive. The veterans' community is grateful for that, and for repairing the monuments, too. It's just a shame you were the one to have to take the heat for a pathetic decision.

Moll's kindness will not be forgotten.

Dave Cooper