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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 1:00 am


Congress' sleazy practice

Our esteemed members of Congress are the ultimate example of sneaky scoundrels. Not only do they feather their nests with bountiful perks not available to us common, simple, lowly taxpayers; but when their sexual misbehaviors are finally brought before the dark light of secret committees, they use my tax dollars to buy silence and forgiveness. And they wonder why the average American holds them in such low regard – in truth, contempt.

How about they immediately pass legislation ending this sleazy practice? And try to keep it in their pants. Or is that too much to ask?

Bruce Cynar


Climate change denial 'is a fool's game'

I woke this morning thinking of just how exquisite this sphere we all occupy is. The interdependency of all life floating, flying, slithering, hopping, sleeping, etc. upon it is so vast, so complex, it takes my breath away. For several decades I've spent some rather magical moments finding surprise and intrigue while working, playing and growing on the same plot of land.

I am witnessing some interesting changes. Easily identifiable is the longer growing season. And as predicted by the climate science community, the weather patterns are more erratic than ever before. Temperature snaps are more severe, as are the rain bombs and the extreme winds.

Early “doctors' ” ignorance of the interconnectivity of the human body often hastened the death of their subjects by, for example, sticking dirty hands into wounds or bleeding their subjects. Eventually, scientific study exposed the reality.

It's a fool's game to choose to believe sucking the oil and digging the coal from beneath, thereby polluting the surface and air of the earth, will not lead to serious damage to life here as we know it. Science has exposed the reality. You “gamers” endanger all of us.

PS. Your stubbornness won't lead you to rapture and your money won't save your heirs.

Molly Brogan


Going for baby boomers

Republican City Council members are explaining their votes. Pay to play, taxes, economic development, zoning: no need to protest – their contributors win. Local, state and national Republicans always give back to their rich backers.

What does the national tax cut consist of? Real and permanent cuts for corporations, paid for by cutting Medicare by $25 billion and Medicaid by $1 trillion. Speaker Paul Ryan has already announced his intent to cut Social Security benefits. Baby boomers, pay attention.

Roger Miller

Fort Wayne

Self-obsessed dreamer

GoFundMe is a great resource to assist those in need as a result of illness, tragedy and genuine hardship.

As an avid golfer, I read the Nov. 5 article regarding the local, self-employed, 50-year-old aspiring to make the PGA Champions Tour with great enthusiasm until I reached the last column indicating he was using GoFundMe to assist in financing his qualification efforts.

He is asking for donations to fund a dream of his? What kind of self-obsessed person does that?

Possibly one who believes his dreams are the only ones that matter.


Fort Wayne