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Wednesday, December 06, 2017 1:00 am


Merry in Paulding

On behalf of the Paulding Chamber of Commerce, thank you to everyone who attended the Merry and Bright Christmas parade on Nov. 28. The event was full of community cheer, tons of lights, an awesome parade and creative parade entries. Of course, we can't forget the man of the hour, Santa Claus, who made an appearance.

The Chamber of Commerce would also like to thank all the businesses and organizations that were in the parade, provided food, donated time and services, and overall made it enjoyable for all who attended.

Finally, a big thank you to the Merry and Bright committee, Solid Ground, Ace Hardware, Gorrell Brothers, MY 102.7, 4-H kids and their families, Friends of the Paulding Chamber, and many more for their countless hours of planning, decorating, organizing, and hard work to make the Merry and Bright Christmas parade a Christmas tradition for the whole family to enjoy. See you next year!

Mikayla Pieper

Paulding Chamber of Commerce

Full coverage

As a community, we were lucky to have two newspapers for so long. We commend The Journal Gazette for including pages from the News Sentinel. Being fully informed means being exposed to all points of view. Great local coverage!


Fort Wayne

Little to cheer here

Congrats to the Republicans.

They managed to put 13 million people they are supposed to serve out of health insurance. They gave themselves and their lobbying bigwigs more money while making the middle class and poor poorer just so they can say they got something done for 45's first year. I honestly don't know how they sleep at night.

They even stuck in a mandate that allows big oil developers to drill in the Arctic Refuge, one of the last places protected in America. I suggest they go there and see it before making that decision because pictures don't do the vastness of that land justice. They have too many lobbyists and hardcore donors in their back pockets, and that is who they pander to rather than we who put them there. We can take them out of there as well.

Thank you for making our lives even harder. Our children's children and their children's children will have to pay for this choice, and they will most likely shut down the government because we have no money. So thank you and Merry Christmas to you all, too.

Laurie Butts

Columbia City

Recycle weekly

Many years ago, I wrote about Fort Wayne lagging in recycling. Even though we no longer have two recycling cartons, we still do not have weekly pickup. Most of my kids were home for Thanksgiving, and they were shocked we get recyclables picked up only every other week. It is weekly for the one near D.C., in Chicago and in Westfield. As a family of two now, my bin is still filled to the top (thank you, junk mail). If our city really cares about the environment, we need to do a better job and pick up weekly.

Paula Bullman

Fort Wayne