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Thursday, December 21, 2017 1:00 am


Southwest hamstrung by train-crossing tie-ups

The day was Dec. 8. The time was 1:45 p.m. I had just returned home from a lunch date west of town. Again, traffic was tied up for a full 15 minutes, in all four directions, due to a train crossing Engle Road and Ardmore Avenue. Cars were turning around, and many got out of line to travel the wrong direction in the left (oncoming) lane.

I have written before about this busy intersection leading to the airport, Lutheran Hospital and a very busy shopping area west of downtown. There is not one clear way for emergency vehicles, air travelers or just everyday working people to navigate the near west side of Fort Wayne without extensive delays.

I know this would be a costly project, but our city has taken on costly projects in the past – some just for recreational purposes. This seems to me to be a necessary project. I understand (after writing to then-Councilman Tom Hayhurst in 2007) this project has been brought up in council meetings as far back as 1997.

The southwest has grown tremendously in the past 20 years. When was the last traffic count done in this area? With people losing patience, it's an accident waiting to happen – with no way to get to the hospital.

If you have been affected, almost daily, by delays on these thoroughfares, please write a note to your mayor, City Council and The Journal Gazette. Many complaints could make a difference. Nothing will get done unless the powers that be know there is a major problem in this near-southwest area of the city.

Joan Davis

Fort Wayne

Support taxpayers first

People before party! Stop supporting a spoiled, non-tax paying, little rich kid who has never earned an honest dollar and is out for himself only. Put your support for those of us who pay taxes instead of the fat cats, corporations and lobbyists who are taking from honest Americans.

Rickey Nunn

Fort Wayne

GE logo should grace Turners' historic field

It has been many years since I lived in Fort Wayne, but talking to friends and family who still give me the news about where I grew up, I understand that condominiums will be part of the old Broadway General Electric campus. I further understand that discussions have ensued as to what to do with the famous “GE” logo that sat atop the building. While my friend's father worked at the GE on Broadway, my father worked at the Winter Street plant, also where I worked for two summers to earn money for college.

One suggestion I make is that the logo should grace the baseball field along the St. Joseph River. That site, home to the Turners, is where the first night time baseball game in the nation was played with lighting furnished by the Jenny Electric Company, a local electric company later bought by GE, as were many other local electric companies across the country. A brass plaque should accompany the logo so others of many generations later can appreciate the history before them.

Keep the history accurate, Fort Wayne. Do not let it become mere decoration.

Michael Romary

Ada, Ohio


Have headlines?

As we near the year's end, we're looking forward to our tradition of sharing headlines we would like to see in the year ahead. A reader's January wish to see President Donald Trump delete his Twitter account missed the mark, but there's always next year.

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