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Wednesday, January 03, 2018 1:00 am


Rifkins wrongly smeared

For the past several weeks, many in our community have attempted to shame the Rifkin family for selling a piece of property across from Science Central to the city. Shame on them! No one put a gun to the heads of city leaders to do this. The city wanted to do this. The Rifkin family did not have to sell this property – they did it because that's what the city wanted.

If people want to blame someone for a bad deal (and it wasn't), throw your blame where it's appropriate.

The Rifkin family has been nothing but an asset to our community, building a successful business, employing thousands of people, and being a great juggernaut and promoter of our city.

John Theisen

Fort Wayne

Republican lawmakers work against our interests

I have written to Sen. Todd Young and Rep. Jim Banks many times regarding the just-passed tax bill and the net neutrality change by the Federal Communications Commission.

I reviewed all the replies from both individuals, and those replies show clearly that neither of them understands the workings of general taxation nor the internet.

Both raved over the advantages of tax cuts to the richest Americans and larger corporations and how they will boost our economy. I guess their responses show their age. Evidently they are too young to remember trickle-down economics from the 1980s. It didn't work then and it won't work now. In fact, it has never worked.

As far as net neutrality, both praised the FCC for its forward thinking and bragged about how much internet service will improve by striking down existing protections. Now internet providers can slow down feeds from competing providers. A good example is that ATT, Mediacom, Century, etc., offer cable TV or satellite TV as well as provide internet service. This is their way of getting rid of companies like Netflix by slowing down their signal. This is now allowable. Pathetic, isn't it? This was a real slap in the face when coupled with the  law they enacted earlier this year that allows your internet provider to sell all your browsing data.

I checked on donations to the members of the House and Senate by the telecomindustry and was not too surprised to see that they donated more than $3.5 million to Republican senators and $5.6 million to Republican members of the House. Young and Banks both accepted donations. The telecom industry donated (paid) more than $9 million to do away with your internet protections and rights. 

As a quick aside, the USA has some of the worst internet speeds in the western world and lags Asia by a long way. We also pay a lot more than many countries. I know; I have been there and used their high-speed services.

I can't wait till the next election. I will be actively working toward the defeat of both Young and Banks.

Roger Bayford

Columbia City

Leaders betray our military

We honor the sacrifice and celebrate the courage of our servicemen and -women, and we depend on them to protect our way of life. However, America's military high command betrays their service and undermines their purpose.

The military runs detention camps, practices torture, engages in extraordinary rendition and ignores international law. Hellfire missiles delivered from drones and cruise missiles launched from afar rain terror on unsuspecting populations. In the aftermath of our invasion of another country, sectarian and ethnic forces are unleashed, factions that we have weaponized turn those weapons on us, and havoc is wreaked on the citizenry. Bombing missions leave cities in rubble and their populations are left to seek refuge elsewhere. Military sexual assaults are skeletons kept in the closet, and even our congressmen are not aware of the extent of our battlefields.

Our country is turning into a military security state where we are in a constant state of war, our civil liberties are constricted, our ideals are abandoned and we are edging closer to the use of nuclear weapons.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne