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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 1:00 am


True view of Christ

Considering all the unrest in the Mideast and around the world, I find Ahmed Abdel-mageed's reflections on this Christmas season (“A Muslim's wish for Christmas,” Dec. 21) not only hopeful but also refreshing.

At the same time, I could not help but notice he used the name of Jesus eight times. That led me to wonder what his real beliefs were concerning the Christ until I came to his description of Jesus as the “fatherless son” of the Virgin Mary.

His sentiment is shared by many other Muslims around the world. But the word they use for “fatherless” is, how should I put this, not very flattering to our Savior.

All Christians know Jesus was anything but fatherless, and for those not familiar with our Bible, it behooves me to state that Jesus was God and not a mere prophet as Muslims believe. He came into the world he himself created as the savior to all mankind.

Larry N. Reynard

Fort Wayne


Parents need full picture on education options

I would like to voice my opinion on public education since Teresa Mull has been permitted to spout hers. Mull is a political advocate for school reform. Of course, she is going to use whatever statistics favor her point of view. Also, she has managed to direct her case to the public with unfounded generalizations and statements like, “parents across the country flock to private schools” and “public school teachers aren't even sold on their own schools.” 

In her article titled “The demand for private schools is up, so let parents choose” (News-Sentinel, Dec. 6), Mull makes it appear that parents have never had a choice where to send their children for their academic training. The choice has always existed. My parents chose to send me to a Catholic school for grades 1-6 when we were living in a small suburb of Chicago in the 1960s when race riots were a common occurrence. My parents also chose to pay the extra money it cost for me to attend – with my father being a factory worker and the only source of income for our family.

Nowadays, many people who choose private education would do so with or without financial help from the state. Poorer families who are eligible to receive vouchers oftentimes are still not able to afford the remaining portion of the tuition. No matter how one looks at the setup that has been created for vouchers, the established plan is nowhere near perfect and only works to weaken our public education system by moving the money earmarked for education to charter schools (of which too many in Indiana areD and F schools) or private schools.

Obviously, Mull has no idea of what a teaching position entails as she mistakenly believes “... many ... are benefit-laden and relatively cushy.” I would challenge her to visit various public schools and shadow teachers in different grade levels and in different subject areas to actually know what real teachers do for a living, not the fictional teachers she has tried to sell to the reading public.

I wholeheartedly agree with a portion of what Mull stated: “Lawmakers should stop standing in parents' way.” Parents need to be truthfully informed about what educational opportunities are available to their children. They need to see equal accountability from all educational entities to make real comparisons. Public schools offer all children a chance for a solid education, along with extra activities that pique their interests and challenge them. Contrary to Mull's claims, there are many good public schools with many caring teachers who are dedicated to their students and to their students' success.

Donna Hoff

West Noble High School Spanish teacher

(39 years and counting in public education)


CHEERS to the state police officer who came to my door one cold night to tell me my visiting friend's car had slid down my sloping, ice-covered driveway into the street. He helped my friend down that slippery slope to his car then waited to help him back from the car to the house.

When my friend left shortly afterward, we discovered that the drive and walk had been shoveled.

In a time when the police get too much bad press, I want to thank him and all policemen for the kindness they show on a daily basis which, too often, goes unrecognized. 

Freddie Samuel

Fort Wayne