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Friday, March 02, 2018 1:00 am


Snobbish rejection by subdivision

It seems as if the Chapel Court Villas Neighborhood Association (“Voices raised against center,” Feb. 16) lives in a fairy-tale neighborhood where traffic is low, houses are upscale, property values will never go down, anything built near them will “ruin our community” and low-income, Medicare-eligible seniors could possibly attract “undesirable people as low paid employees.” Not too bigoted a group of folks?

Placing an assisted living facility near a hospital, previously scaling down the senior day care facility, meeting structure height requirements, having no waiver of development standards sought – it seems as if the developers have done their homework.

Maybe the jobs that open up at this facility would be useful for some of the area's unemployed, possibly helping others who need jobs (maybe not in their “upscale neighborhood”) to make a better life for themselves. Who knows, maybe some in that “upscale neighborhood” could make the time to volunteer at the new center, comforting others in their time of need? Nah, I cannot see these folks going out of their way to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Bill Oberg

Fort Wayne

Entitlement society on path to collapse

The evening of Feb. 14, I listened to the NBC local news. A woman was interviewed and suggested one way to curb violence was with more police accountability. We have a fine police force and they do the best they can to keep us safe. They are human, however, and cannot read minds or be everywhere at once.

What this woman does not understand is that law enforcement never acts but only reacts to any situation. They only intervene when a law is broken. Be thankful the police only react because if they start acting, half of us would be in jail.

I'm so tired of hearing about those evil guns. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Outlawing guns won't work. Someone who is determined to kill someone will do it with or without a gun. Realistically, instead of outlawing guns, let's outlaw people.

We are living in a sick, twisted narcissistic society with no God, no morals, no commitments and no rules with an anything-goes mentality. It is a society of people of entitlement who believe everyone owes them something. It is a people with broken dreams or no dreams who have failed by their own hand and are jealous of other people's success and happiness. They want fame, power, wealth without effort. There are those who will not face their problems but instead become bitter, hateful and murderous toward everybody. My deepest sympathy lies with people who have been beaten up by life through no fault of their own. They have had no voice and no choice. These are the ones we desperately need to help. Our greatest enemy is self-pity. It will kill us.

The people I love the most are those who struggle and work, endure pain and sacrifice with the knowledge that they may fail but keep going and never quit. They endure until they succeed, but if they fail, they can be assured their lot will never be with the quitters who know neither victory nor defeat.

Maybe that's why I love the Olympics so much.


Fort Wayne

Luers threats should have been taken more seriously

Am I the only one to react with horror about Bishop Luers students threatening to shoot up the school (Feb. 14)? “With extra points for the Bishop's hat?”

And just as horrifying, the police report minimized these threats as “just boys being boys!”

Why has this supposedly been resolved within school only, and quietly?

In light of Parkland, Florida, who in Fort Wayne is not taking these threats seriously? The Bishop Luers school administration, the police, the students and even the public. That's who.