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Saturday, March 31, 2018 1:00 am


Syringe exchanges don't 'send wrong message'

I'm a recovering drug addict and a former drug user. I have no diseases (besides addiction).

Here's some math for you. At the height of my meth addiction, I was using 40 to 60 syringes each week. Without the Indiana Recovery Alliance's syringe service program in Bloomington, that would have been 40 to 60 times each week I would have to re-use a dirty syringe or just trust that the syringe I got from my dealer was clean.

That's about 200 times every month that I could have been at an incredible risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis C.

Here's another little fact that's strange but true. When I wanted to get off dope, the IRA was the first place I went. Yes, the people who were giving me syringes were the only people I trusted and knew cared about me.

I do not like telling people how or what to think. But when you say syringe exchange programs and widely available Narcan “send the wrong message,” what you're really saying is, drug users should live life like you do, or they deserve death and disease.

You're not helping. Even if you think you are, I promise you this: you are not.

Cameron Gibson


CHEERS to Aaron Stirratt, who found my ring at North Side High School. The school had a dinner and jazz band playing. As I was enjoying it, I lost my ring. Aaron found it and turned it in. I wanted to thank him for his honesty as the ring meant a lot to me. It belonged to my sister-in-law, who passed away.

I just wanted to tell people out there that it was good to know we still have a lot of good kids out there. His mom, I hope she knows how lucky she is.


Fort Wayne

CHEERS to a lady who paid for our meal at Leo Cafe on March 24. I was eating breakfast with my sister-in-law. While eating, a lady walked up to our table and thanked me for my service. Before she walked away, she laid $20 on our table and said our breakfast was on her.

I want to say thank you to this lady and her family. This really warmed my heart.


Fort Wayne

CHEERS to the three women picking up trash along the Pufferbelly trail last Saturday, March 24. You are an example for us all. Thank you.

Allen Parks

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to The Journal Gazette for its coverage of the 2018 Iditarod race in Alaska. For years, coverage here was negligible. This year, you did a fine job! Thank you.

Rosalie Miller

St. Joe

CHEERS to the very large party, including very well-behaved children, Saturday night at Zianos on Dupont Road, who picked up our check! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you; it will be forwarded!

Claren and Sue Beck

Fort Wayne

CHEERS for the beautiful story March 11 on the outreach ministry of Mr. Elvis Netterville. Reading this article of hope and encouragement was the best thing I read in the paper that day.

Carol Garcia

Fort Wayne

CHEERS from my husband and me to the couple who paid for our dinner at O'Charley's restaurant. Your kindness and generosity will be forwarded.


Fort Wayne