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Thursday, August 30, 2018 1:00 am


Makings of great trustee

Denita Washington is a great community leader for the youth of Fort Wayne. It's a no-brainer that she will also be a great advocate for the citizens of Adams Township.

She will be an asset for the community and businesses of the township as she advocates for the essential services to this area. She has a testimony of hardships which provides her with a sense of empathy and understanding for those families who seek a hand up. She wants to give hope and dignity for all citizens. She leads for the betterment of the community, which makes her a great candidate.

The Adams Township Trustee's Office will be blessed to have Denita Washington. I encourage the community  to learn more about Denita Washington and get to know her for yourself.

Tiffany King

Fort Wayne

Lack of balance hurts newspaper's credibility

This is a response to the editorial that ran on Aug. 16 (“Watchdogs – not attack dogs”).

It is understandable The Journal Gazette would be offended by the constant attacks on the media from President Donald Trump. His tweets and rants about fake news and the biased media are sometimes unwarranted. But, the fact that hundreds of newspapers colluded on Aug. 16 to shame the president simply reinforces his point.

Lack of respect for the media is not a phenomenon. Americans have lost trust in the media. That represents far more than just the loyal band of Trump supporters.

Confidence in media integrity has been on the decline for decades. Trump is simply pointing it out in a very public forum.

Fake news is more than the occasional misstatement or fabrication of the facts. The abuse Trump doles out to the media pales in comparison to the abuse he receives. Studies show that more than 90 percent of the broadcast news reporting about Trump is negative. That demonstrates the overwhelming bias of journalists and a disconnect with their audience and reality. Reporting by omission is an insidious form of bias. Tabloid-style journalism obsesses about the president's inappropriate tweets and personal foibles. But, if positive financial news is reported at all, the media rarely give him credit for the policies that precipitated the economic boom.

Too many times we see on The Journal Gazette's pages an opinion piece masquerading as a news article. A newspaper should present facts in an unbiased form even when those facts conflict with the biases of the editorial staff.

Articles are frequently published that feature individuals or groups who criticize the president. That's fine, but how often does The Journal Gazette print articles from supporters who praise his policies? Trump is certainly deserving of criticism. But he has also accomplished much for which he should be praised. Presenting a more balanced view would help to restore your credibility.

Tom Dannenfelser

Fort Wayne

Equal justice? Hardly

Do we all have equality under the law?

If you were subpoenaed to preserve IT equipment but instead you “bleach wiped” your equipment, and if you were subpoenaed to preserve your emails and instead you destroyed them, what would happen to you?

As an ordinary citizen, I would submit that you would immediately be in jail.

If, however, you were a political aristocrat, such as Hillary Clinton, there would be no penalty. Yes, we do have two legal systems; one for the politically connected and one for ordinary citizens.

Justice under the law is not blind. The FBI and DOJ operate under political influence. That is not acceptable.

Eugene Dellinger

Fort Wayne