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Saturday, September 01, 2018 1:00 am


Banks owes constituents

It appears that Rep. Jim Banks is afraid of meeting his opponent, Courtney Tritch, in a debate. Perhaps he knows that she would outshine him in an actual discussion of the important concerns we Hoosiers have.

While he hems and haws and delays, apparently hoping time will run out, his supporters write letters decrying Tritch's “extreme” views, usually totally misrepresenting her positions.

If you want to know what Tritch actually thinks, I suggest you go online to and click on the Issues tab.

Better yet, urge Banks to agree to meet his opponent on a debate stage, where the voters of the 3rd District can hear and compare both candidates' positions on all the issues that matter to us. Banks owes that to his constituents.

Frances L. Adler

Fort Wayne 

Trump's accomplishments don't add up to much

“Trump's detractors refuse to see reality” (Aug. 12) is the most myopic view of this administration I've read yet.

The author starts by saying he reads anti-Trump columns, editorial and letters every day.

Why do you think they're out there? Could it be because this man is totally unqualified to do this job, that he is a congenital liar or suffers from narcissistic personality disorder? That's why people refuse to follow him. 

What has he done for this country? 

His tax cuts were for the top 1 percent, at a cost of $1.5 trillion to the deficit. 

Rebuild our economy? President Obama pulled the economy out of near-depression and had it headed to the prosperity we now enjoy, which Trump is taking credit for now. And watch the economy as the trade war progresses.

Rolling back regulations is putting every worker and person in this country at risk.

Our military that Obama decimated? What a joke! Our military is the best in the world. Nobody has disrespected or not honored “our men in blue or military” – except Trump, who denigrated a Gold Star family.

The so-called illegal invasion of our country? There are only two cultures that didn't come here through immigration, Native Americans and the slaves from Africa who were brought here in chains. We are all immigrants. By the way, we fund a border patrol. We don't need a wall; the American taxpayer is not paying for it.

As a liberal, leftist Democrat, who served six years in the US Army and votes in every election, I'm proud of America and what I am. Don't dare call me unamerican because I won't honor a man who thinks more of Vladimir Putin and other despots around the world than our own intelligence agencies.

We are doing something constructive; we're fighting autocracy in this country. The security clearance debacle is the first step to authoritarianism. What will be the next shoe to drop?

Clarence Jeandrevin


A life of service

I am a Hoosier born and raised, but I lived in Arizona for 29 years. I had the privilege of calling John McCain my congressman and senator for all of that time.

I saw firsthand how much he cared not only for the people of Arizona, but for all the people of this great nation. The admiration I had for this man was immense, considering how willing he was to work with anyone to solve a problem that would benefit the American people. It did not matter whether you were a Democrat, Republican or independent, if you had a good idea, he wanted to hear it.

We were all blessed to have him fight for the good of all people. We should be thankful he was colorblind; the man did not see red and blue – he saw red, white and blue (something his colleagues should aspire to). A true hero and patriot, he will be sorely missed.

All this coming from the mouth of a Democrat. Godspeed and rest in peace Mr. McCain, we are all better because of the life you lived.

Robert Jackson

Fort Wayne