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Thursday, September 06, 2018 1:00 am


Trails staff outstanding

I am writing to give a big thank you to Fort Wayne Trails. I have been using the trails for more than 20 years, and they are fantastic. It's great to be able to ride on trails that are scenic and so well maintained.

The Fort Wayne Trails staff does a great job keeping the trails trimmed  as well as cleaned after any floods. The Maumee pathway by the golf course floods a lot, and Fort Wayne Trails works with the street department to reopen it quickly.

One morning recently there was a tree across the path at 7 a.m. On my return trip at 8:30 the tree had already been removed. Another time a few years ago a Fort Wayne Trails employee was chipping ice on the underpass under Parnell Avenue to make it safe for the December riders.

There are few cities in this country that have more than 100 miles of trail. I love the new trail along Spy Run Creek that runs from Science Central to Fernhill Avenue. Thanks again, Fort Wayne Trails staff and all city employees who do such great work on our trails.

Steve Fishbaugh

Fort Wayne

Tritch's stances in line with what we need

I beg to differ with a few of Joe Townsend's talking points (“Past nominee more palatable than Tritch,” Aug. 19). Tommy Schrader ran on a Democratic platform against little-known candidates and adopted a Republican platform once nominated. His change of heart had to do with the fact that Donald Trump “speaks the truth” (Schrader's words, not mine), even though our president averages 7.4 public lies per day according to the Washington Post. The truth that Trump does speak is misogynist, racist, and xenophobic.  If anything, it was simply Schrader's name recognition as the guy who's always running for something that got him nominated. 

As for Courtney Tritch and her socialist views: I would like to remind Townsend that during the 2016 Democratic primary, Fort Wayne chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. I'd also like to remind Townsend that there is no such thing as a pro-abortion stance. The decision to have an abortion is extremely personal and painful, and women do not make that decision lightly. The stance that Tritch takes is not pro-abortion, but pro-health care. 

What exactly is it about socialism that Townsend is so afraid of? Is it northeast Indiana citizens having affordable health care? Is it northeast Indiana citizens having affordable and guaranteed housing? Is it making sure that criminals and domestic abusers can't access guns? Is it helping debt-straddled graduates afford to live? Is it better infrastructure? 

Socialism isn't a bad word. I urge Townsend to look up the definition, take a hard look at candidates like Courtney Tritch and decide why he thinks offering health care, housing and family-planning options are bad for Hoosiers.

Emily Mossoian

Fort Wayne

Imperfect humans

I was saddened to read about how Don DeKeyser (Aug. 23) left the Catholic Church over a bad experience with a nun and a priest. I'm sorry he was denied a final blessing for his mother. They were wrong to deny him, but not all clergy in the church are like that. He is in my prayers.

As for the sex abuse scandal, those who committed acts of abuse should be removed. But please don't associate the Catholic Church with sexual abuse. There is abuse in other religions and everywhere. I'm sure there have been Protestant ministers, rabbis and imams who have been abusive. There have been college football coaches involved with abuse.

The church is made up of imperfect human beings. There are many good priests and other clergy who would never harm anyone.

Josh Hoy

Fort Wayne