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Friday, September 07, 2018 1:00 am


Tidying up trash will help drivers

There has been a lot said about trash pickup or lack thereof.

We live in far southeast Fort Wayne and have experienced only one week when our trash was picked up a day late – no big inconvenience. However, during my husband's morning walk around the addition, he made note of the containers by the curb and found many of them were overloaded with trash spilling out. Some had piles of large items beside the container.

How is the driver going to keep on schedule if he has to get out of his truck and pick up the trash that falls out of the bin because it is overloaded? It has been suggested that there be two men on the truck, but then they would have to charge more.

We wanted a cheaper service and that's what we got. The company has paid a large fine; they put a full page ad in The Journal Gazette promising to do better. Let's give them another chance and try to find a way to get people to tidy up their trash.

Mary Koeneman

Fort Wayne

Washington's touch will serve Adams Township

Denita Bell Washington is an altruistic leader full of compassion, and I support her for Adams Township trustee. Over the years I have known Washington, she has demonstrated the strength and resilience it takes to be a leader, as well as the passion, patience and persistence it takes to serve and support those who need it most.

I met Washington while I was a student at Lakeside Middle School. It was there I first witnessed her ability to see the potential in others, her desire to help us fulfill that potential and her selfless action to enable us to do so.

Washington's light remained a constant in my life while she continued to reach out to others in the community. She has poured her heart and soul into Girlz Rock, offering support and guidance in matters from family and personal relationships and self-care to education and career aspirations. She has been persistent in finding and tapping into the available resources and her connections to ensure she is providing the best support and opportunities for each girl.

What makes Washington truly stand out as a leader is that she puts her passion for serving and supporting others ahead of her own needs. Since starting Girlz Rock, Washington has faced some of life's biggest hardships – losing her home and her car. However, she remained focused on serving and supporting the community.

As Adams Township trustee, I believe Washington will put the needs of Adams Township residents ahead of her own, bringing her passion to serve and support to this role as she has done in others. She is best known for putting that passion into action, and there is no doubt she will do the same for Adams Township to complete any task at hand.

Ebonee Tinker

Phoenix, Arizona

A national irony

It's ironic that after a couple of years about fighting bullying, we have a role model in chief whose M.O. is bullying, intimidation and retribution.

Ron Weiss

Fort Wayne

Used to the danger

I had to chuckle when I read the article about firefighters having to get off the street corners and into shopping centers to fill their boots. I really don't want to know whose bright idea that was. They already have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Maybe next year they will decide to not let them go into a building if it's on fire.

Ed Keller

Fort Wayne