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Friday, March 15, 2019 1:00 am


More memories of Blass from Fort Wayne, beyond

Bill Blass graduated from South Side High School in 1940 along with other notables Alex Azar, Dick Doermer, Dave Roth, Ralph Hamilton and Gen. George Schafer. The Feb. 28 article in the Living section was fascinating. I'm adding a few other tidbits.

When I started the Distinguished Alumni program in 1996 at South Side High School, I called Bill to ask him to design an Archer from which a statuette resembling the Oscar could be made. He told me he wasn't that kind of artist and that he put his talents into designing women's clothes. However, he said he would be glad to finance the purchase of the statuettes to be given to each recipient of the award.

We began with 60 distinguished South Side alumni, of whom Bill is probably the most distinguished.

Bill lived across the street from South Side on the northwest corner of Calhoun and Oakdale streets. His art teacher, Blanch Hutto, gave me her yearbook with Bill's signature in it. When Bill was honored on the “Today” show to celebrate his retirement, I sent them some video of his residence and South Side High School, which they used on the show.

George Davis

Retired South Side High School chemistry teacher

Fort Wayne

Only God can judge a criminal's motives

I strongly disagree with the governor's push for hate-crime legislation.

The governor wants a list of protected people. Shouldn't there be equal justice and equal protection under the law?

I think we should just stick to punishing crime and criminal behavior and let God judge motives.

Melissa Peters


Paper letting police duck accountability

Referencing a Journal Gazette article and editorial, portions noted below, an inanimate object such as a firearm does not act on its own. An actor causes action. Try holding the police to a more accurate accounting and not let them slip through the cracks. Language is important and words have meaning.

“Mark Bieker, police public information officer, told The Journal Gazette's Jamie Duffy an officer's gun discharged during a training exercise and the bullet struck him and another officer. The two were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

No, an officer's gun did not discharge. The officer discharged the gun (negligently).

“It was Officer Haywood's firearm that negligently discharged,” Joyner said.

No, the firearm did not negligently discharge. Officer Haywood negligently discharged the firearm.

Stan Jones Spencerville

Numerous scenarios awaiting Manafort

So, Michael Cohen is a liar but Paul Manafort is a choirboy.

Oh, yeah, he only failed to pay taxes on millions of dollars, but he's sorry. He just made a mistake.

Let's just give him four years, even though the statutes call for significantly more. And, of course, he can't possibly pay back the $24 million he owes; he only has about $4 million in assets.

How about letting him get his room and board for the max for the crime, then he can live on $40,000 a year like the average Hoosier does if he lives to get out.

Or Humpty Trumpty could pay the money back because he thinks Paul is such a great guy. Then pardon him.

Pardon me!

Jeff Olsen

New Haven