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Friday, April 05, 2019 1:00 am


Deluded conservatives far from only patriots

In a March 25 letter, Dave Cooper questions Democratic presidential candidate Kristin Gillibrand's intelligence and knowledge of political science because she used the word “democracy” to describe America. Cooper stated that she should know that the U.S. is a republic. Since Gillibrand grew up with both parents being lawyers, is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the UCLA Law School, and has been a member of Congress since 2007, it's a pretty good bet that she knows the meanings of the two words and how aspects of both are part of the makeup of our country.

Many conservatives, well soaked in the right-wing media's stew of half-truths and less than half-truths, think only they understand and love America. This is untrue, and its expression has become tiresome.

Dan Klopfenstein

Fort Wayne


'People before profit' key to Sweetwater's success

My husband and I recently made our first visit to Sweetwater Sound. We knew the general history of the company. What we did not know was the business model Chuck Surack and his wife Lisa use to build the business to the level of success it is today.

From the moment we walked into the lobby, we could feel and see something that was different. People were completing their work in a relaxed, friendly manner. We were personally greeted by members of the staff and recognized by name. Every person we encountered knew what was going on with the company and spoke proudly of their association with the organization and future growth. 

It is evident that Lisa and Chuck value their employees. The perks they provide their “family” of workers was so present. One of many examples is the construction of the building so that sunlight/weather is visible throughout the day to workers – even in the warehouse. We were told workers are encouraged to bring their families out to have lunch with them. Throughout the year, celebrations occur and children are remembered with individual gifts at Christmas. Speaking of lunch (which is open to visitors), l have never seen or tasted finer food.

The owners' common-sense approach to success puts people before profit. This experience was an eye-opener to the possibility of what can and does happen because people like Chuck and Lisa use their God-given talents and gifts to see the true worth of their employees. Everyone benefits when the boss shows them they matter and bring value to the table.

We want to thank Lisa and Chuck for providing such a great experience for us and the people of our community. We encourage all to see their outstanding success story. You will be impressed!


Fort Wayne



Many offered comfort during medical issue

I want to express my appreciation to all the people at the 6:15 a.m. mass at St. Charles Chapel who helped me when I passed out during service on March 27. Thanks for calling the ambulance, and special thanks to Vi and Maurice, who followed the ambulance to Parkview and stayed with me. Thanks to the paramedics for their kindness and help and to the emergency room personnel. May God bless you all.

Margaret Wiseman

Fort Wayne


Election letters

 Letters related to the May 7 primary election must be received by noon on April 29 to be considered for publication.