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Tuesday, April 09, 2019 1:00 am


Best climate route is already at hand

Christer Watson is spot on in his April 2 column, “Mockery won't change climate change realities.” Satire isn't leadership, and it certainly won't reduce greenhouse gases.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of which he writes is the only potentially bipartisan measure in play that can truly begin to turn the tide. And the dividend of all revenue collected will be returned in equal shares to all households, conferring a disproportionate benefit on the poorest among us whose carbon footprints are the lightest.

The bill is ready to begin solving the problem. The question is, are we?

Jordan Sollitto

San Marino, California

Compassion vital in abortion debate

Now that the dust has settled regarding my Feb. 13 letter suggesting a truce might be helpful in discussing abortion, I will try for the last time to address that issue. I have been accused of condoning infanticide and of being a racist in responses to my original letter. Of course, I do not condone infanticide and I do not condone racism.

My best guess about the infanticide charge is that there are times when aggressive treatment for some newborns does not make medical sense. In the literature about such cases, the word used is “futile.” There has been a long history about withholding or withdrawing of extraordinary means to save a life, and it is not restricted to newborns. Even a cursory reading of Indiana statutes will make it obvious such decisions are permitted by law.

The racism charge makes no sense to me. It you are “racist” about all human beings, then you are a misanthrope. If you kill newborns who are otherwise not in a life-threatening condition, you are a murderer – or some other term that fits the Indiana statutes. If you decide not to use so-called “extraordinary” means to save someone's life – newborn or otherwise – you are not committing infanticide nor are you a racist.

The gut-wrenching decision to end an ectopic pregnancy is what some people call an indirect abortion. You need to make some sense of the principle of double effect. If that distinction does not work, then indirect abortion is more than problematic for the pro-life position. Logically speaking, there is no way to decide to end the pregnancy or let it continue. If you let it continue, then both the mother and the unborn die.

I suggest both sides of the debate stop acting self-righteously. I suggest we all use more compassion and less condemning. Let whoever is without sin cast the first stone. And we should forgive at least 7x70 times those who make choices we think are wrong (Matthew 18-22).

Bill Bruening

Fort Wayne

Community spirit evident around city

On April 1, we enjoyed a meal at Longhorn Steak House. When we went to pay, we found someone had paid our bill. Thank you so much. We will pay it forward.

Also, Fort Wayne has a volunteer group called “Carpenter's Sons.” Recently, 22 of them went out and helped those unable to do household tasks. What a privilege to see so many helping others.

God love each one of you.

Patricia Rider

Fort Wayne