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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 1:00 am


Conservative Republicans will make city better

On the economic development front Mayor Tom Henry is showing his weariness as mayor. Two examples are Electric Works and the Riverfront project.

The dog-ate-my-homework excuse is not good enough for Fort Wayne taxpayers by the developers of Electric Works. They claimed a 35-day federal government shutdown necessitated a two-month delay in getting financial support. If this field-of-dreams project is so good, people seeking federal tax breaks would be flooding the developers. The absence speaks volumes.

The Riverfront project seems stuck on Phase 1. At a recent public meeting, the developers are still promising new projects in the near future. They would not have had this problem if they had created a master plan for all the phases. Again, Henry seems aloof and unconcerned.

In this year's city election we have a chance to put in the mayor's office and City Council people who support the taxpayers of our city. On May 7 vote for conservative Republicans to make Fort Wayne better.

W. Patrick Sefton

Fort Wayne

Cellphone ban answer to reckless driving

Regarding the new law the state wants to implement, House Bill 1236, to get vehicles to move over three feet for electric bicycles – good luck.

What needs to be done is what the legislators failed to do the first time – ban cell phone use while you are driving. You constantly see cars, trucks, semis and company vehicles weave all over the road because they are looking down to text.

When did a cellphone call or text become so important? If it truly is, pull over safely and put your blinkers on.

Walkers as well as bicyclists are getting picked off left and right because drivers are not paying attention.

Come on, legislators, do the right thing. Go after the problem, don't put another Band-Aid on it.

Cheryl Wagers

Columbia City

Methodist stands firm against liberal elite

I read with interest the recent responses to the Methodist Church decision regarding homosexual clergy and same-sex marriage, as well as the response of a group of Methodist ministers in this area. In a spirit of truth as well as grace, I would like to share some ideas from a recent article on this topic in “Decision” magazine.

Conservative church leader Jerry P. Kulah, dean Of Gbarnga School of Theology, United Methodist University in Liberia, reminded believers that the Holy Scriptures do not include but speak against such practices. He spoke against a culturally liberal church elite in the U.S. which is pushing the changes within the global church.

Isn't it a sin of pride to take the word of God and change it so that would-be believers can have their cake and eat it, too? I look to my pastors for leadership and a firm stance on the inerrancy of the word of God.

Diane Jones

Fort Wayne

Election letters

Letters related to the May 7 primary election must be received by noon on April 29 to be considered for publication.