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The Journal Gazette

September 23, 2016 1:00 AM


Clinton’s lies make her unfit to hold office

How I wish I had gone on to become a newspaper columnist when I was young, as my family had urged me to do.

I would love to have a whole column devoted to the rebuttal of Francis Wilkinson’s column of Aug.28 (“Last stand of the angry white male”).

I have a real eye opener for Mr. Wilkinson. It is not just the white male who is angry and fed up with the rampant corruption of our government.

It is every legal, law-abiding citizen of both genders and all colors.

Never in our country’s history has a person been allowed to run for president who was under investigation by the FBI and State Department for corruption.

Hillary Clinton lies and then lies about her lies.

She lied about Benghazi, lied to the families of the Americans she let die there and then called the families liars. Just despicable!

More and more every day, Clinton’s play-for-pay Clinton Foundation is being exposed for what it really is.

We, the people, are not ignorant. We know very well what it is.

Since Clinton claims it’s such a “charitable” organization, why isn’t even one penny been spent for help to the flood-ravaged victims in Louisiana?

Donald Trump paid to have an 18-wheeler full of supplies hauled down to the flood victims, plus donated $100,000 to a church there, which is helping the people. President Barack Obama was too busy playing golf and Clinton needed her rest.

Tell us again, Mr. Wilkerson, whom you claim will be our next president.



Seek spiritual guidance

What is happening now in America, and elsewhere in the world, is not gun violence. It is evil, lack of a moral compass and mental illness.

Fortunately for all of us, there are lots and lots of people equipped and willing to help fight these.

If you want to make a change, and you have not done so already, find one of these fine folks and ask for guidance. It will make a difference.


New Haven

Don’t expect big release from county jails

Typical with most journalism, I have often found newspapers to be fatuous and quite sloppy. That holds true with The Journal Gazette’s Sept. 14 editorial, “Legal bailout.” The newspaper failed to take the time to check the facts and then double check the facts before going to press.

Had they done some simple research, editors would have found that the Indiana Supreme Court did not order nor require local authorities to release all inmates who don’t pose “a risk of flight or danger to others.” What the editorial said doesn’t quite match what Supreme Court Rule 26 actually states: “If an arrestee does not present a substantial risk of flight or danger, the Court ‘should’ release the arrestee without money bail.” Using the word “should” is a suggestion by the court as opposed to “shall” or “is ordered to,” which is a direction by the court. Jails throughout the state will not be opening their doors and mass releasing everyone not deemed to be a murderer. Judges and magistrates will still be able to set bail or release at their discretion.

I do believe in the presumption of innocence. I do feel sorry for the poor. But even poor people come up with a lousy 8 percent or 10 percent for bail money. The fact is that Allen County does not have a bunch of innocent, poor people languishing in the county jail. Police officers don’t arrest people for being poor and innocent. As many see it, Supreme Court Rule 26 is not a viable solution to the age-old cliché “It’s bail for the rich and jail for the poor.”

James R. Berghoff

Fort Wayne